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Plus Model Maddy

Plus Model Maddy

Plus size model photos – Deciding how to obtain yours as well as which photos to submit to a modeling agency can be difficult for aspiring models. Let’s try and simplify by asking…


What kind of photos should you have?

As an aspiring model, you do not need a portfolio for starters. What you need to begin are a few simple shots to submit to agencies and plus size model photos to include in your online portfolio.

What kind of photos should you send to an agent?

Agencies usually require 2 types of photos for submissions – 1 head shot and 1 full body shot. Many aspiring models only send a head shot. The agency needs to know that your body is curvy and toned!

What kind of photos should you never send to an agent?

NEVER (and we do mean NEVER) submit photos to a legitimate agency that are sexual in nature. Legitimate agents are offended by the photos and will find you unprofessional. Also, if you include pornographic pictures in a submission to them, they will assume that these photos are also on the internet. Legitimate companies will NOT hire models who have pornographic pictures floating around on the net!

Where should you go to get plus size model photos?

Search for a plus size model photographer at Venus Diva Modeling, or check out the Photographer listings in the PLUS Model Directory

OR Contact photographers in your local area and ask them if they do test shots or TFP’s (test for proofs).

And if you are short on funds and cannot find a photographer to do a TFP, check with your local community college photography department and/or have a friend or family member take some.

What should you know about working with a professional photographer?

ALWAYS view their portfolios before shooting with them!

Find out exactly what charges you will incur, if they have a good makeup artist and/or hairstylist they work with and exactly what you will be getting from the shoot.

If you don’t own the negatives, make sure you know what you are signing away.

If you decide to book with them, they will give you a list of requirements for the shoot.

Photo Credits
Plus Model: Maddy
Photographer: LucasPictures

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