Plus Model Mia Amber Davis
Plus Model Mia Amber Davis

Make sure to be plus size model material before taking any pictures or going to an open call. Being ready means that your look is updated and that your body (and mind for that matter) are healthy and ready to work!


This is what you should have/do to me model material ready:

Your Hair

Wear a current and yet classic hairstyle. Note – Don’t get confused between trendy and current.

Your Face

Make sure to adhere to a skincare regime and use minimal makeup appropriate for your skin type.

And by the way — For the latest plus size model material makeup, we suggest Sephora–check their site for the latest deals and offers.

Your Style

Wear stylish and flattering fashions that you can use for a go see. Nothing over the top – think simple lines and colors.

Your Body

Work out to help tone and define your curves and maintain your healthy body. Agents and clients expect curvy models to be toned – please note that we are saying “toned,” not thin!

Your Diet

Eat healthy foods! We are NOT talking about dieting or starvation. We are speaking of nourishment that energizes your body. And make sure to drink plenty of water.

Your Mind

Make sure that you are modeling because you bring something unique to the industry instead of modeling because you think this will prove that you are pretty! The first one will get you jobs – the second one won’t.

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Plus Model: Mia Amber Davis
Photographer: LucasPictures

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