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How to Be a Plus Size Model…

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Have you dreamed of being a plus size model? If so, you have probably heard the following comment from your friends, family members and maybe even strangers on the street… “You have such a pretty face, you should be a plus size model!” We thought so! And if you hear something often enough, it truly makes you start to wonder…

“What if I could be a plus model?” Then, this question is usually followed by the question, “But how?” Venus Divas can help you succeed! We have the latest information, tools and inspiration you need to help you follow your dream of becoming a plus size model. Please, use this free guide to help you learn what you need to know…


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Criteria For Plus Size Modeling

Plus Size Model Photos

How to Find a Plus Modeling Agency

How to Be Plus Model Material

What is Your Plus Size Model Type?

Plus Size Model Marketing

Building an Effective Online Portfolio

Careers in Plus Size Modeling

How to Avoid Modeling Scams

Plus Size Modeling Glossary

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