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Plus Model Criteria

Plus Model Fluvia Lacerda

Plus Model Fluvia Lacerda

The criteria for plus size modeling, specifically plus size fashion modeling, requires women to be a specific height and size. Please understand that this is not meant to be discriminatory to women who do not fit within the sizing requirements. Other great opportunities (discussed below) will offer you options should you not fit the criteria for plus size fashion modeling.


Criteria For Plus Size Modeling

Generally ranges from 12-18 for print, 10-20/22 (depending on the client) for runway, and size 18 for fit modeling.

Height – 5’4″ and under for petite, 5’8″ and above for regular and 5’9″ and above for high fashion.

A toned and healthy body

Note – Some women and teens still find work even though they don’t fit these statistics exactly

What if you don’t fit the criteria?

Even if you don’t fall within the fashion modeling requirements, you might be a good candidate for commercial modeling (also called lifestyle modeling). Commercial / lifestyle modeling, compared to fashion modeling, involves capturing the ‘feel’ of a story and/or the promotion of products and services.

Size and Height Requirements – None, only the ability to “Look the part.”

Opportunities for work include – Print (magazines, catalog, web, etc.), television commercials, infomercial’s and trade show promotions.

Some of these models/performers have VERY lucrative careers in commercial modeling

In general plus size models of all types must have:

A personality that is likable, adaptable, sincere and easy to work with

The right look and proportions for the job



A flexible schedule

A reputable source for information and education (That’s what we’re here for!)

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Plus Model: Fluvia
Photographer: LucasPictures

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