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Curves In Store – Boutiques are full of unique finds and we absolutely love what they bring to the plus size fashion industry.  This features focuses on some of our favorite boutiques and gives our readers a chance to know which shopping destinations are in their areas. Q&A Format.

Fashion Forward – Indie Designers are constantly reinventing themselves and helping us define our style.  This feature allows us to introduce our readers to new and up and coming designers creating clothing for plus size women. Q&A Format.

The Business of Plus – Whether you like their selections or not, major plus size stores have staying power so it’s obvious that they’re knowledgeable on the business of plus.  This feature allows us to sit down with store CEO’s, Marketing Directors and professionals on the front line of the plus size fashion business. Q&A Format.

Style Star – Fashion feature starring plus industry insiders, models, and our readers.

Health, Fitness & Wellness

Work It Out – Fitness techniques and fun workouts. List Format

The Expert – Interviews with a fitness instructor or athlete. Q&A Format

Culture, Arts and Entertainment

Celebrity Profile – There are several plus size women and men who stay in the news.  This segment focuses on those individuals and it’s a great way to share what they’re doing with our readers and get the scoop on what they’re doing next. Q&A Format or Profile write-up.

Check it Out – Plus focused and body diverse events. Detail Format (Who, What, Where, etc.)

Breaking News – Got a hot story that you want to share with our readers?  Here’s your chance to be the news anchor and tell us all of the juicy details. News Format

Try This – Fun & Unique Hobbies


Living Inspirations – Every day we come across women, men and children who inspire us to be great.  Sharing their stories may help the next person. Q&A Format.

Dream Big – Dream Big is dedicated to celebrating incredible curvy women that can serve as Role Models for the plus size community. If you have an interesting story to tell, we might be looking for you! Q&A Format

Reader Submission – Editorial, 1st person narratives. Article ideas include the following:

  • I Remember The Time I Did That
  • It Happened To Me
  • I Can’t Believe I Did That
  • The Day I Conquered My Fear

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*Note*  If you have an upcoming event or news that you want to share we encourage you to submit it in the form of an article submission instead of a press release.  By submitting your news as an article, this allows you to connect with our readers on a personal level instead of us just delivering your news for you.

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We will not accept model submissions via this submission form. If you do send your modeling information/photos, we will take this as a sign of unprofessional behavior and you will be banned from being considered for a cover or upcoming projects, no exceptions. Please click here for model submission information.

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