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To Mom With Love: Mother’s Day Gifts For The Mom That Has Everything!


To Mom With Love: Mother’s Day Gifts For The Mom That Has Everything!

Mom. Just the mention of the word can spark memories of love, warmth and kindness. It’s why a day has been designated just for her, honoring all that she’s done.

Trying to decipher what to give “the woman who has everything,” however, can be a challenge.

Most people agree, saying there is a tremendous amount of pressure to find the perfect gift (I’m talking to you, Hallmark), when in reality, most just want to know that they’re cherished.

So, what says love to one of the — if not the most — important women in your life? Read on for some ideas on how to create a precious moment for mom on her special day.

Give the gift of time.

Anyone can take mom out for a nice meal — the restaurant business counts on it. But a real treat might be to shoo her off for some alone time to her favorite book or clothing store (maybe with a gift card in hand) while you stay home and cook and clean for her. This way, she gets the best of both worlds — no chores for a day, and time to herself with a little pocket money to boot.

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Write down some heartfelt words.

Be it in poem, story or a letter, moms love the written word. For added panache, tuck this on a tray with a homemade breakfast (in bed, of course), a handpicked flower in a vase, and you can count on a few tears.

Clean her house.

Think about it — your mom is most likely inspiring, amazing and wonderful, so why shouldn’t her gift be as well? After all, this is the woman who makes your favorite meal when you’re home, washes dishes without complaint, foregoes her own needs in order to meet yours, and a litany of other tasks of daily living — including cleaning.

This Mother’s Day we want to treat a deserving mom to a mommy style makeover, courtesy of Lane Bryant. Head over to our Instagram page @dailyvenusdiva for details on how to enter!

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