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Thinking of Becoming a Plant Mom? Here Are 5 Plants To Start With

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Thinking of Becoming a Plant Mom? Here Are 5 Plants To Start With

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With all the time we’ve spent at home these past two years, it’s no wonder that more of us are thinking of adding “plant mom” to our bio. Like any new adventure, becoming a plant parent can be exciting but also nerve-wracking. Our brain suddenly becomes plagued with thoughts like: Will I be a good plant mom? Can I keep this thing alive? Yes, becoming a plant mom does require time, care, and attention, but certain plants need a lot less than others. If you’re an aspiring plant mom in the market for houseplants for beginners, here are five that we recommend.

1. Monstera (Monstera deliciosa)

If you ever browse social media or flip through interior design magazines, you’ve probably seen more than your fair share of monsteras. Their popularity comes in part from their big, beautiful leaves but also from the fact that they’re fast-growing and easy to care for. Monsteras prefer low to bright indirect light and a decent amount of space for them to fan out. 

2. Philodendron Heartleaf (Philodendron cordatum green)

The philodendron heartleaf, also commonly referred to as a sweetheart vine, is a great houseplant for beginners because it’s low-maintenance, fast-growing, and always gorgeous. Their preferred environment is flooded with low to bright indirect light, but don’t worry, the sweetheart vine is tough enough to endure low light and the occasional missed watering. The leaves on this plant will grow and “spill” out of the pot, so they are great housed on a shelf or bookcase.

3. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Pothos plants are a go-to option for aspiring plant moms. These easygoing plants do best in low to bright indirect light but can quickly adapt to changes in lighting. Plus, they only need water every one to two weeks.

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4. Snake Plant (Dracaena trifasciata)

Snake plants (also known as sansevieria) are among the most popular houseplants for beginner plant parents. The beauty of the snake plant is that it’s incredibly resilient. It can handle extremes like low water and too much direct light but ideally prefers low, bright indirect light. Its patterned leaves and ability to boost air quality are a happy bonus.

5. Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)

Part of the Agave family, the ponytail palm is an amazing addition to any aspiring plant mom’s collection. It’s one of the best houseplants for beginners because it is very easy to care for. Its frilly fronds are fun yet robust, so it doesn’t need much attention. It’s the perfect houseplant for forgetful plant parents or frequent travelers and can be left out in direct sunlight all day (it actually prefers this!) with little water.

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