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Craving a Girls’ Trip? 3 Simple Steps for Planning the Ultimate Getaway

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Craving a Girls’ Trip? 3 Simple Steps for Planning the Ultimate Getaway

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Hey girl, hey! Now might be the perfect time to schedule you and your besties a girls’ getaway that will melt away stress and encourage you to have fun and let loose. Plus, research suggests it’s good for your health, too. Read on to learn why girlfriend getaways are so important, plus some simple tips for planning your next trip.

Why Girlfriend Getaways Are Important

There’s nothing better than relaxed, fun trips with your girlfriends full of laughter, good food, and more laughter. And after the stressful two years we’ve all had, I’d say we all deserve one. And according to scientific research, there’s evidence to suggest a girls’ trip can improve your mental health, support long-term happiness, and (of course) help you build stronger bonds with your friends.

Spending time with our friends has been shown to release the neurotransmitter oxytocin, a super important hormone in the female body. Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone” because it floods a woman’s system to facilitate childbirth, stimulate lactation, and build a strong bond between mother and baby. This bond-boosting hormone has also been shown to increase when people sing together in a group, strengthening bonds between people. You don’t have to sing during your girls’ trip to foster bonding and relationship building—though you totally can! Oxytocin will be released during other positive social situations (hmm, like a girls’ getaway to Mexico).

Need more reasons to finally plan that girls’ getaway? It should also be noted that friendships have been shown to increase happiness and health, particularly in older adults. Proof that maintaining close friendships as we get older is terrific for our overall well-being and may even help us live longer.

3 Simple Steps for Planning a Girls’ Trip

1. Focus on Togetherness

A girls’ trip is all about bonding and creating life-long memories, so choose accommodations that encourage togetherness in the group. Whether that’s a beach house, log cabin, or hotel suite, plan a girlfriend getaway that will suit everyone’s needs.

2. Make Sure Everyone is Heard

To avoid conflict from the start, make sure everyone’s needs are met. Depending on your friends’ cravings, this may look like a quiet weekend getaway filled with hiking and late-night stories, or it could be an adventure-filled trip out of the country. In addition, making sure everyone agrees on the budget, housing, and activities will ensure a smooth ride.

3. Plan in Person

Planning a girls’ trip over lengthy text messages and email chains can get messy and stressful quickly. To keep things light and exciting, discuss the details in person by inviting your girlfriends over for cocktails or coffee, and kick things off by figuring out times and dates.

P.S., ladies, take this as your sign to book a girlfriend getaway asap.

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