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6 Peaceful Activities for Your Next Mental Health Day


6 Peaceful Activities for Your Next Mental Health Day

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The importance of taking mental health days cannot be overstated. If you haven’t heard of a mental health day before, it refers to a day you intentionally take for yourself to reduce stress, reset your energy, and avoid burnout. Instead of work, you can do something inspiring and rejuvenating, like going for a walk, seeing friends, or wandering around a museum. The purpose is to spend your day doing things that make you feel better. It might not be a permanent fix for your stress, but it can definitely help. Below, we’ve highlighted 6 beneficial activities you can do on your next mental health day.

1. Move Your Body

To reset your energy and reduce stress, doing some form of movement on your mental health day can be amazing. Whether that’s going on a walk around your neighborhood, hopping on your bike, or doing some gentle stretching, the key is to do something that will make you feel refreshed.

2. Sit Back and Relax

At the same time, don’t feel pressured to fill your mental health day with activities. If you think that you need to spend the day relaxing, watching tv, or reading a good book, give yourself permission to just sit back and relax.

3. Do Something Just for You

Sometimes, the best way to reset your energy is by doing something just for you. So think of your favorite hobbies or self-care acts, like taking a bath, getting your nails done, or working on a fun project that brings you joy. Even small moments of self-care can have a tremendous effect on your mood and energy levels.

4. Sleep In

If you wake up early for work or other responsibilities most days of the week, a mental health day can provide the perfect opportunity for sleeping in. Do yourself a favor and let your body wake up naturally, so you can wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

5. Get Outside

Even just a few minutes outside in nature can restore our energy and make us feel more grateful for the world around us. If you can, go on a walk outside and take in some fresh air.

6. Put Your Phone on Silent

A mental health day is most effective when you can separate your work from your life. To make sure you don’t get sucked into emails or mindless scrolling, put your phone on silent. Let those you love know that you’ll have your phone notifications off, and if you need to check your phone, set aside specific times to do so.

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