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Natasha Rothwell Finds Confidence With Insecure

Natasha Rothwell Finds Confidence With Insecure


Natasha Rothwell Finds Confidence With Insecure

Since her breakout role as Kelli in HBO’s Insecure (which she also produced, wrote, and directed), Natasha Rothwell has continued to steal scenes, and this year she turned her success into additional opportunities by securing another notable role on an HBO series.

“The confidence that I had coming into White Lotus ran laps around what I started Insecure with,” acknowledged Rothwell, 41. “There’s no way I would have had that confidence had it not been for Insecure — and also the confidence I had as a writer, to be able to pitch jokes and pitch moments to [White Lotus creator] Mike White, who I’ve been watching since Freaks and Geeks — to feel like I belonged at the table with him.”

“I think so often there’s a very narrow view of what people can accept as our stories, and I think it comes from the top down as far as what is allowed to see the light of day,” she said. “I want to continue to tell stories that are unique, that are diverse and that can show us in lights that we haven’t had shined on us.”

Insecure is currently airing its fifth and final season Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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