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Reboot of ‘Drop Dead Diva’ titled ‘Drop Dead Dave’ is in the works at CBS

Reboot of 'Drop Dead Diva' titled 'Drop Dead Dave' is in the works at CBS

Brooke Elliott

Reboot of ‘Drop Dead Diva’ titled ‘Drop Dead Dave’ is in the works at CBS

CBS is developing a reboot of “Drop Dead Diva” with a gender-swapped concept.

The potential series based on the now-ended Lifetime drama “Drop Dead Dave,” created by Josh Berman, follows shallow, entitled Gen Z lawyer Dave, who dies in a freak accident and has his soul transferred into the body of Rita, a successful but complicated Gen X lawyer, forcing Dave to live as a woman and navigate an entirely new perspective on life, love, and identity.

Deb, a vain model who dies in a bizarre accident and has her spirit shifted into the body of a whip-smart, plus-sized lawyer, Jane, in Lifetime’s original “Drop Dead Diva” (played by Brooke Elliot). From 2008 until 2014, the show ran for six seasons, with the fourth season being briefly canceled before being resurrected due to high ratings and public protest.

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As a result, “Drop Dead Dave” would keep a female protagonist but change the gender of the person inhabiting her body to that of a man rather than another woman.

We loved “Drop Dead Diva” so it would be great to see how this reboot is received by other fans.

Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva” was nominated for and won two GLAAD Media Awards throughout its run. It also received Prism and Image Award nominations.

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