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Dascha Polanco Offers Self Confidence Advice and Skincare Tips

Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco Offers Self Confidence Advice and Skincare Tips

Dascha Polanco has an amazing. After landing her breakout role as convict Daya in Orange Is the New Black. The Dominican-American actress is currently starring as hairdresser Cuca in the big-screen rendition of In the Heights, in which she sings and dances. It’s an appropriate role for the real-life beauty expert and fragrance enthusiast, who has also joined Olay Body’s #FearlessInMySkin campaign.

Dascha Polanco, who frequently promotes body positivity on Instagram, discussed skincare, self-confidence, and why women should stop criticizing themselves with The Unwind, Yahoo Life’s well-being series 

Skin self-care rituals:

I like showers in the morning and a bath at night. In Spanish bañarse [bathing]is one word. So I remember that when I was in school and I would say, “I took a bath” and people were like, “You take a bath in the morning? You don’t shower?” I’m like, “Yeah,” but I didn’t understand that they’re different terms in English [laughs]. So, showering in the morning, bath at night. Definitely hot in the night and kind of cold in the morning.

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Confidence, and body image:

The moment that you can connect with something and be present with somebody and acknowledge them and listen to them, it’s a reciprocal thing that happens. And that helps me continue to understand that this is a process and there are people out there that actually look in the mirror and they have body dysmorphia and they’re scared and they can’t take the risk and you’re doing that. So as much as you may feel like, oh my God, I’m nervous and I’m scared — taking that risk is what makes you fearless.

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