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The Fluffy GRL Curves N’ Waves Pool Party Is An Epic Celebration You Should Attend


The Fluffy GRL Curves N’ Waves Pool Party Is An Epic Celebration You Should Attend

The Curves N’ Waves Pool Party guests can expect an entire water park dedicated to celebrating them!

Image Credit: Wiley Price III

In just a few days, the Fluffy GRL community will gather in Collinsville, IL for the 2nd annual Curves N’ Waves Pool Party.  Women of all shapes, sizes, and shades need to attend this epic pool party celebrating body diversity and their curves. This epic pool party will be one to remember.  From an epic hula-hoop contest to beverages and swag, everyone attending should plan to have a great time. I spoke with the event Founder and organizer Ebbi Nicole. Keep reading as Ebbi shares the deets of this annual celebration.

Why host a pool party? What void are you striving to fill?

When we launched Curves N’ Waves Pool Party in 2018, the sole purpose was to create a space for women of all shapes and sizes to be carefree in their skin and to normalize what it meant to be body accepting here in the Midwest. It was important for us to host the event because, for 8 years now, Fluffy GRL has always been a voice and vibe one step ahead of the curve.  In the Midwest, we rarely get to experience body-positive events to the level of Curves N’ Waves. From California to New York, the body-posi pool parties have spread like wildfire this season. It’s about time that we have one in our backyard and allow people from other regions to join us for once.

Remind us of the Fluffy GRL Movement. What motivates you to be a voice for other Fluffy GRLs?

Fluffy GRL Movement is a body-positive lifestyle brand and business that celebrates, elevates and empowers the plus community. We host innovative events and conduct exclusive interviews featuring curvy women that are the face of their brand. We also help women hone their personal style with our style consulting services.

We are motivated, not to be a voice FOR Fluffy GRLs but to be a platform that elevates fluffy experiences, voices, and narratives. They can speak for themselves. We are the brand that says LOUDER, FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. We exist to amplify them in fun and chic ways. For way too long, society and the media has reduced fuller figured women to their bodies and imposed false limitations. Our passion is driven by knowing that women use our services to learn more about themselves and to explore their version of confidence.

We first heard about you when you held the first Fluffy GRL Summit. Will Curves N’ Waves replace the Summit or will we see two events from you each year?

Fluffy GRL Movement has evolved so much since our first Fluffy GRL Summit in 2012. It was a beautiful beginning for us but we haven’t hosted one since 2015. Our brand has transformed into a service-based business and we host 3 signature events each year. Curves N’ Waves is just our summer event. As for the Summit, it may make an appearance sooner than later. Don’t expect to recognize it though. If we bring it back, the focus will differ greatly from 7 years ago.

What’s your personal mission and does the mission of the Fluffy GRL Movement mirror what Ebbi Nicole is passionate about?

I am a storyteller. I am passionate about telling stories. My stories, your stories, OUR stories. My personal mission is to use my voice to help elevate other voices. My passion definitely mirrors Fluffy GRL‘s mission. We both want to set the record straight and make room for people to establish a sense of community.

Are there any surprises planned for the Curves N’ Waves Pool Party? What can attendees expect?

Of COURSE, there will be surprises! It wouldn’t be a Fluffy GRL event without them. I think guests will be super pleased with the gifts we have for them and all the giveaways we have in store. 

Image Credit: Tracy Jane Weidel Photography

You can still purchase tickets to the Fluffy GRL Curves N’ Waves Pool Party when you CLICK HERE

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