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August 2019 Cover Star: Interview with Plus-Size Model Quen Elston


August 2019 Cover Star: Interview with Plus-Size Model Quen Elston

Quen’s journey is aspirational and at a size 22, she’s helping us change how we view mainstream plus-size models.

Credit: Jeannette Pickette, Photographer

Plus-size model Quen Elston is on the verge of an industry takeover.  Talented, full-figured, and beautiful, Quen’s journey is aspirational and at a size 22, she’s helping us change how we view mainstream plus-size models. Aside from shooting with Torrid and being a former member of the beloved Alabama State University Honeybeez, ASU’s plus size dance team.  Besides being an in-demand model on the rise, Quen has the personality of someone that we can all relate to.  Keep reading this exclusive interview and get to know this beautiful model. 

What has being a plus-size model taught you about yourself? 

It has taught me it takes a lot to be a model and that if it wasn’t for my experiences such as college, dancing, and being a part of certain organizations I probably wouldn’t be the model I am today.

Source: Instagram (Torrid)

Tell me about your past experiences. How did those experiences prepare you for what you’re doing now and living in New York?

I was apart of many extracurricular activities that taught me many skills that I was able to use in college as well as within my modeling career. For instance, my being a part of the technology team taught me communication, media, and technology skills that help me with modeling because I must know how to communicate effectively with my clients. Media and technology come into play when I edit certain photos and video footage.

Being apart of the drama club helped me gain experience in acting and how to put myself in other people’s shoes and giving diversity in emotions which play a huge part in modeling. I was also in the marching band and that taught me discipline and how to follow directions and be able to work on the spot. Dancing in high school and college helped mold me into a more fluent model. My mom instilled a lot of confidence in me and dancing just took it where it needed to be able to be comfortable enough to model, especially when it comes to intimates. Overall, being in college taught me how to adapt and learn new surroundings which helped me have a smooth transition in moving to New York City.

As a fellow plus-size cheerleader, your story is inspiring.  I want to encourage you to share your story with anyone willing to listen.  If you were sitting down with your 15-year-old self what would you tell her?

I would tell my 15-year-old self to continue dreaming because one day your dreams are going to come true. Also to keep God first because you will be tested by certain obstacles that you may pass or fail, but no matter what, you will gain a lot of knowledge from them and to push forward and know God got you. You can ask any of my family members, but as a young girl, I always dreamed of becoming famous and living in the Calabasas with the Kardashian’s going to all of the award shows. I didn’t know how at the time, but now I see.

Credit: Jeannette Pickette, Photographer

As far as modeling, who have you worked with and who are some of your dream clients?

Before I started modeling I actually started looking up to Tabria Majors. She was one of the first models I took interest in once I saw modeling could be for me. Then Torrid, (my favorite clothing store growing up because it was hard finding good clothes for someone my age being plus size) gave me the opportunity to become one of their models following a model search. My first day on set I saw Tabria Majors. It was like a sign from God that this was really happening and that my dream of being a great representation of plus-size women like her was becoming a reality. So Torrid being my first client was really big for me.

Some other clients I have worked with have been Walmart, Dia & Co, Stitch Fix, and a few more clients. My dream clients are pretty much any plus size retailer from Savage X Fenty, Eloquii, Addition Elle, Fashion to Figure, Fashion Nova to brands who are now adding plus-size options such as American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more brands.

And now to shift gears for a moment, and end with a wild-card question… What is the most beautiful sound that you’ve ever heard? The most beautiful place you’ve ever been and the most beautiful person (physically or spiritually) in your life?

The most beautiful sound I have ever heard was the sound of a man playing a Shakuhachi Flute in the subway here in NYC. The most beautiful place I have ever been was the El Yunque Rainforest in Río Grande, Puerto Rico (before the storm). The most beautiful person physically other than my mother is Tyra Banks, whom I met when I got the chance to participate in America’s Got Talent in 2017.

Source: Instagram

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