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Can Weight Loss Be Hazardous To Your Health?


Can Weight Loss Be Hazardous To Your Health?

Well maybe.  Did you know losing weight can cause or increase your chances of getting gall stones?  Well, neither did I.

Last year (before becoming pregnant) I had triumphantly gotten down to 245 lbs. My maximum weight at one time was 320-330 lbs, so I was proud of myself. During my pregnancy I gained over 60 lbs (35 lbs more than the recommended 25 lbs). 

One and a half month after delivering my beautiful baby girl I’ve lost 20 lbs which I consider to be a good thing.  So what’s my problem?   My problem is the excruciating pain that sent me to the Emergency Room last Thursday. Come to find out I have gall stones and need to have my gall bladder removed.

When I visited my surgeon, I wanted answers.  Her responses shocked me.  I was surprised to find out that weight loss can cause or attribute to the formation of gallstones! Bet they don’t tell you that on any weight-loss program. Although you can live without a gall bladder and the surgery is only 20 minutes long, the pre-operation pain is horrible!

Just wanted to give my PSA for the day. Take it easy folks.

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