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5 Questions With Plus Size Designer Crystal Diggs of House Of Diggnity


5 Questions With Plus Size Designer Crystal Diggs of House Of Diggnity

This Plus size designer’s story is inspiring

Crystal Diggs (in green skirt) pictured with runway models and an assistant.

Crystal Diggs wears several hats.  She’s a graphic designer, a motivator, event producer and fashion designer.  Not only does Diggs have many talents, but she executes each talent exceptionally well.  Last month, her designs graced the Full Figured Fashion Week™ runway and the result was a standing ovation.  In this weeks 5 Questions With….. Diggs shares with us her experience of gracing the FFFWeek stage and what inspired her to start designing in the first place. 

1) You’ve been designing t-shirts for years.  What made you start designing skirts and other designs under House of DiGGnity?

House of DIGGnity was birthed in May 2015. I remember seeing this skirt that I had to have; I also remember seeing the price point too! “I can make that” I told myself.  I had a hand sewing machine; just knowing that would do everything I needed. Although I couldn’t find the fabric I found some fabric, set up shop to sew and absolutely nothing was accomplished…two sewing machines and a crash course later I began the sewing journey. Coincidentally I was going thru a very emotionally abusive relationship, sewing began to be the only way to process my sadness. I laughed when I sewed, I cried when I sewed, sang while I sewed and talked to God when I sewed. I looked up to 27 skirts; sewing was helping me to heal, helping to understand. When it was all said and done I gave 26 skirts away…I still have the very first one.

Between YouTube and more YouTube I begin to master the art of sewing, combining that with my custom graphic tees; that are designed and printed by me. I begin to share myself with the world. Every shirt and skirt has a story, a reason for its creation. I am glad that I no longer sew because I’m sad, I sew because I have a story to tell…it’s like Water for Chocolate.

2) Why did you want to show at FFFweek and what was journey to the Fashion Showcase like?

Wow… more or less to challenge myself. Quality over quantity, I do select quality shows versus numerous shows. The journey though, hard I’m without a home right now; have been since March 2018. l fought myself most of the time; questioning my worth and sacrifice. I had to raise money just to get there but it was all worth.  While I didn’t do what I expected financially, the connections and the things I learned while attending superseded all of that.

3) How important is your personal brand?  What is your business motto and how is that a reflection of you personally?

My personal brand is all I got, it’s my name…literally. My motto is Inspire, Believe, Dare, Do, Celebrate.  It’s how I am daily. I want to not only inspire people to live their dreams and creative spaces, but it’s also imperative I Inspire change.

4) Talk about the importance of a strong support system.

The right people around you can and will make or break you. I recently had major surgery to my back, if it wasn’t for my support system I would have died.

5) What’s next for House of DIGGnity?

I’m diving right into my fashion/art show Beyond Dope it is my second installation, after that production of my calendar series will begin.

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