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Plus Model Spotlight: Brielle Anyea of Los Angeles, California


Plus Model Spotlight: Brielle Anyea of Los Angeles, California

Image source: Instagram

As one of the industries rising stars, Brielle Anyea has made her mark on the plus size fashion World. In addition to making headlines recently as one of the plus models to recreate the infamous Vogue “Women Rule” cover, Brielle has worked with some of your favorite brands. She’s brought clothing to life for companies from Asos Curve and Ashley Stewart to Evans Clothing and Fabletics. When she’s not being an inspiration to her fellow plus size women, Brielle uses her platform to share uplifting messages and encouraging other women to be confident in everything they do.

As this week’s Rising Star, we interviewed Brielle so you can get to know this curvaceous beauty.

What was the last T.V. show that you binged watched?

The last T.V. show I watched was “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” . It was amazing! I relate to a lot of the lessons and situations in the show. It reminded me to keep pursuing my dreams. It doesn’t matter where you start but how you finish.

Which celebrity do you think you would be friends with if you had a chance to meet them?

I think I would be great friends with Zendaya! She’s funny, business-minded, and loves music. So I think we would have the best girls night outs!

When did you decide that you wanted to be a plus model?

I actually stumbled into modeling. Before I was a plus model, I was an aspiring actress in Hollywood. When I wasn’t getting any roles or attention because of my race and size, an agent recommended that I try plus size modeling. I had no idea there was a world where curvy women could be actual fashion models and not just Urban models. Been fashion modeling for 3 years now. 🙂

What’s one thing that a model should never leave home without?

A model bag! You never know what you will need when you are going to a shoot, job, or casting! Always have your comp cards, multiple undergarments, and a pair of heels in your bag. Keep it in your car or somewhere handy.

Who was the 1st person that you called after securing your first modeling job?

I called my best friend! She’s like my sister so when I win, she wins. I believe we were screaming “YASSSSSSSSSS” for about 5 minutes straight then started talking about our “come up/glow up” plan. Which is a strategy you create that helps you achieve your goals. 

If you had to wear one outfit for an entire month, what would you wear?

A black maxi dress. It’s stretchy, comfortable, and oh so chic!

What piece(s) are you looking to splurge on next? 

There is this all black Louis Vuitton Travel Handbag that I have been obsessed with for the longest time. But I could never afford it! Now that I’ve settled in LA and work 50 million jobs, I am looking forward to purchasing this duffel to satisfy my luxury travel bag craving. 

What’s your theme song for the rest of 2018?

ICY GRL by Saweetie is definitely my anthem for 2018. Saweetie talks about being a goal crusher, saving money, and living a lavish life thanks to her go-getter mindset. That’s the current phase of my life. I am in my twenties, making business moves now so I can live lavishly later. Who doesn’t love an independent woman that’s all about her paper?! 

To learn more about Brielle, visit her website at or her Instagram: @Missesbrielle

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