#TheModelDiversityProject Brings Awareness To The Lack Of Diversity In Fashion

Take Notes People. This Is What Model Diversity In Plus Size Fashion  Looks Like

Model Diversity Project

To be black, fat and liberated is magical, but it doesn’t happen overnight. As a minority group within a subculture of women searching for other women to be inspired by, we have to create those opportunities, plan and direct our own photo shoots, and pay for our own events. We have to use our voices to make sure that we are heard. Those empowering experiences that you hear so much about are often a result of us getting fed up with the lack of representation that we witness and painting the picture that we want you to see when you look up the words “Plus Size Women.”

Model Diversity Project

Some people sit back and wait for companies to create the campaigns that they want to see. Others take ownership of their dreams by using their experiences, connections and platforms as a catalyst for change. Plus size model Liris Crosse and Make-up artist Christopher Michael did the latter. The duo are the masterminds behind the Model Diversity Project. I initially saw their undeniable chemistry on social media thanks to their Project Runway recaps during the last season of the Lifetime Show. I knew then that they would collaborate on something groundbreaking, but I didn’t know it would be this MAJOR!

Liris Crosse explained the vision and intention behind this project perfectly.
“We wanted to show the beauty where it’s not just one model by themselves but all of us together. This is personal. This is the world that I see. I see light, black, Asian, Latina. I see older models, younger models.”

To bring this project to life, several plus size models with years of experiences and of varying hues were selected. In addition to Crosse, models Denka Obradovic, Elly Mayday, Naimah Terry, and Monique Robinson are featured.


Model Diversity Project

Crosse and Michael served as Creative Directors on the project. Photographer Ken Robinson was behind the camera lens, stylist Steffany Edwards made sure the women were camera ready. Rounding out the team was Michael doing makeup and hair stylist Yancy Edwards.

The result is an iconic, editorial photo shoot celebrating various shapes, hues and heights, styled in beauty shots, group photos and edgy images that are ready for placement in your favorite fashion magazine.

Model Diversity Project

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