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The Natural Hair Journey of Tina L. Steele: “My Hair is ALL Love!”


The Natural Hair Journey of Tina L. Steele: “My Hair is ALL Love!”

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This month we talked to several women about their hair journey and how their hair makes them feel. Keep reading as the lovely Tina L. Steele shares her hair story with us.

Picture: Model’s Own How do you wear your hair?

Tina L. Steele: I wear my hair in a curly ‘fro most days. Sometimes I will use a band to pull it back. But ALWAYS some kind of curly afro.

How long have you been wearing your hair this way and what made you start wearing it this way?

I have been completely relaxer free for 14 years. I was a blow dry and flat iron girl for 2 years. After some severe heat damage, I cut it all off and began embracing my curls. Initially, I thought learning to love my curls was a necessity because of the damage to my hair and, but I realized that it was deeper…. I needed to learn to love every part of Me, because it was just that…. a part of me.

What type of relationship do you have with hair?

Now my relationship with my hair is ALL love! It’s been a journey, definitely like a relationship.  After my first hair cut, I found myself feeling like the self- conscious 3rd grader with the afro puffs while others sported a fresh press and curl.  I remember being asked why was my hair was so curly and different.  The difference this time as a 28 year old was that I didn’t feel the need to explain why. I still felt different, but I enjoyed it because my hair and I are 1 – unique, multifaceted, mysterious, and sometimes un-tameable. But it’s ALL LOVE!

How do people react to your hair choices?

I still get push back from family members who think that my profession and my hair are a contradiction….. or people who think stare amazed at the length as I play with one of my chin-length tendrils.. They ask, I wonder how long your hair is? Will you ever straighten it? I answer IDK and NOPE!

Lately with the increasing popularity of ‘natural’ hair, I get more compliments and questions, instead of stares and ‘straight hair’ requests.

What’s your daily hair routine?

My routine consists of 3 steps, water based moisturizer, oil based moisturizer (usually a cream ) and styling custard for a little hold.  I do this every other day.  I use a co-wash after 2 days and a clarifying shampoo weekly. Other then that, I let my curls REIGN!

Who is your hair inspiration?

I don’t have a hair inspiration.  I admire sisters who love, care for and embrace their curls, coils, tresses, no matter what.

What are 3 products that you use on your hair?

I use products from the LifeOrganics Natural Hair Care line. The AhMazing Hydration System Curl Mist and Moisturizing Smoothie and the Styling Custard are my hair staples!

How does your hair make you feel?

My hair makes me feel free and completely ME!! I love it, every curl, every natural highlight (gray hair!! LoL). My hair tells a story of the evolution of a self-conscious little girl into woman completely confident and self-aware. Often I think about the journey I have been on with learning to embrace my curly girl without explanation, competition or inhibition!! The ultimate lesson for me is that my hair is my best accessory!

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