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The Natural Hair Journey Of Leslie D. Tucker: “I am grateful to have any hair at all.”


The Natural Hair Journey Of Leslie D. Tucker: “I am grateful to have any hair at all.”

This month we talked to several women about their hair journey and how their hair makes them feel. Keep reading as the lovely Leslie D. Tucker shares her hair story with us. How do you wear your hair?

Leslie D. Tucker: I wear my hair shaved close to my scalp.

How long have you been wearing your hair this way and what made you start wearing it this way?

I have been wearing my hair this way for 6 years. I shaved my hair and have been wearing it this way because I was diagnosed with scarring alopecia. Having scarring alopecia means my hair will no longer grow in certain areas.

What type of relationship do you have with hair?

I love and appreciate the hair I have left.

How do people react to your hair choices?

Most people think my hair choice is a style choice. They are always surprised to know I keep my hair short because it will no longer grow beyond a certain length.

What’s your daily hair routine?

My daily routine is olive or coconut oil. I wash once a week and use a light conditioner and leave-in conditioner combined with an oil.

Who is your hair inspiration?

My new hair inspiration are the female guards in the Black Panther movie. I love how they represent our culture. I feel empowered to wear my hair close and in it’s natural state.

How does your hair make you feel?

To be truthful, I used to feel sad that I no longer had locs or thick curly hair, now I am grateful each day to have any hair at all. I plan to embrace each day.

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