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The Natural Hair Journey of Lekeitia C.: “It’s different and gives me individuality.”


The Natural Hair Journey of Lekeitia C.: “It’s different and gives me individuality.”

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This month we talked to several women about their hair journey and how their hair makes them feel. Keep reading as the lovely Lekeitia C. shares her hair story with us.  How Do You Wear Your Hair?

Lekeitia C.:  I wear my hair naturally. No perms or heat. I rarely blow dry it.

How Long Have You Been Wearing Your Hair This Way?

This time around, it will be a year in the middle of April. I went natural about 6 years ago before. I gave in and relaxed my after a year. This time, I plan on remaining natural.

What Made You Start Wearing It This Way?

I got tired of people telling me the way I should look. It took me a while, but I’ve gained confidence in myself and decided to wear MY hair the way I want. It is a true reflection of me. It’s different and gives me individuality from everyone else. I am very proud of my hair. I’ve also heard of a story of an autopsy of a person who relaxed their hair for years and white residue was found on their brain.

What Type of Relationship You Have with Hair?

It’s just hair. I love my hair. I am learning my hair. My and my hair are one.

How Do People React to Your Hair Choices?

Some love the choice I made. They really don’t have a choice to like it or not because it’s mine. Most men have complemented me on my natural hair.

What’s your Daily Hair Routine?

Every day, I put Wild Hair Growth on my edges (trying to redeem them). Then I spray it with Sta Sof Fro hair a scalp spray. Put light gel around the edges and brush it into a band. Sometime, I twist it up at night and unravel the twists in the morning.

Who Is Your Hair Inspiration?

None. I am my own inspiration.

What Are 3 Products You Use On Your Hair?

StaSofFro Hair and Scalp Spray, Texture My Way Curl Pudding (for twist outs), and Crème of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner.

How Does Your Hair Make You Feel?

My hair makes me feel great. My friend once told me, “Natural hair is a black woman’s crown.” Therefore, I am a QUEEN.

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