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The Natural Hair Journey of Ariel Davis: “I Feel Strong, Free & Unapologetic.”


The Natural Hair Journey of Ariel Davis: “I Feel Strong, Free & Unapologetic.”

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This month we talked to several women about their hair journey and how their hair makes them feel. Keep reading as the lovely Ariel Davis shares her hair story with us.  How do you wear your hair?

How long have you been wearing your hair this way and what made you start wearing it this way?

When I got pregnant with my daughter (now three years old), I became very conscious of what I consumed and put on my body. I did not relax my hair during my pregnancy. After she was born, I continued to pick up other more healthy, natural approaches to living. We even cut out most meat in our diet.

What type of relationship do you have with hair?

I come from a family of hair professionals (excluding myself). I always had long hair but while I was relaxing it, it would never grow beyond a certain length and it was very thin and fine. I tried for about four years to go natural but lack of education and fear of the big chop always turned me back to relaxers.

How do people react to your hair choices?

My mom is very old school cosmetologist so she prefers my hair straight. Over the years though, she’s really come around to my Afro.

What’s your daily hair routine?

Water and a moisturizer; whatever I have available, usually coconut oil.

Who is your hair inspiration?

Actress and social media personality Georgia Reign

What are 3 products that you use on your hair?

How does your hair make you feel?

Like I’m finally being myself, strong, free, unapologetic.

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