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Blogger That You Should Know: Meet Madison Baker of The Blushing Bumblebee


Blogger That You Should Know: Meet Madison Baker of The Blushing Bumblebee

My goal is to constantly introduce you to people that should be on your radar. Meet Madison Baker of The Blushing Bumblebee.

The Accessories

What’s your favorite go-to bag and what do you keep in it?

I change my purses like I change clothes. However, I always seem to be drawn to Mossimo purses from Target.  In my defense, they all are really cute and I have a soft spot for anything Vera Bradley.  I always make sure I have ChapStick, some coffee candy (they’re amazing) and a small vial of my favorite perfume (Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, it’s to die for!)

How do you determine the perfect accessories to go with your look? 

I always try to make sure my accessories complement my outfit. Colors are really important. Usually as a rule of thumb, if I’m wearing warm colors I go with gold, if I’m wearing cool colors, I go with silver. Plus I try to match my earrings with my necklace as much as possible.

Favorite local spots (shopping, dining, etc!)

My favorite places to go shopping for clothes would be Torrid (obviously) and Charlotte Russe. I also love to go to ZERO Market, which is a great place to find all things apothecary and waste-free, everything from bulk essential oils and teas, to laundry detergent and kombucha! And my favorite coffee place is SONDER coffee & tea.  If you’re ever in the Denver area, check them out!

The Style

Describe your style in 10 words or less 

I’d describe my style as cozy chic!

If you had to wear one outfit for an entire month, what would it be?

I would wear some jeggings, a black top, and an oversized cardigan! Finished with a long necklace, boots, and a cute hat!

What piece(s) are you looking to splurge on next?

This Torrid dress looks super comfy and I can’t wait to get it!


And I’ve been eyeing this super cute cozy set from Rue107, I’m in love.


The Process

 How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

On a day I’m able to really take my time, usually about an hour. I almost always shower the night before, and honestly a majority of that time is spent trying to put falsies on correctly.

What’s your favorite meal of the day and what are you currently eating?

Breakfast! My fave A.T.M. (all the time) is scrambled eggs, hash browns, and turkey bacon!

How much time do you spend working on your blog/brand each day, week and month?

I try to touch base with my in-progress blog posts every day, and I’m constantly trying to improve wording, placement, and content, and I really try to post on Instagram as much as possible!

Top tips for the perfect photo and blog post?

Honestly, just try different angles! Sometimes the best pictures are taken from non-conventional angles.

What’s your style motto?

If it makes you feel beautiful, rock it!


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