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The MANE Event: 8 Women Share Their Natural Hair Stories


The MANE Event: 8 Women Share Their Natural Hair Stories

This month’s feature on Natural Hair Stories came to life out of necessity. 

I have high blood pressure and some of the medication that I take has a negative effect on the growth of my hair. Although I’m no stranger to wigs, weaves and braids, due to severe hair loss, I’ve worn wigs more than I’ve ever wanted to. So when I asked other women about their hair journeys and how they wear their natural hair, I did so for selfish reasons. I needed to be inspired to do the inevitable; cut my hair and let my scalp breathe.The response was overwhelming and that overwhelming response reminded me that I’m not alone.

Recently, I’ve decided to cut the uneven hairs and wear my hair in a short afro on the weekends. Reading stores from women like Tina L. Steele, Zina Danforth, Chontel Parker, Ph.D., Leslie D. Tucker, Sharon Jones, RN, Ariel Davis, Lekeitia C. and Monique Johnson – Thomas have all inspired me to take a step towards hair-freedom. After reading their hair stories, I’m sure you’ll be inspired too.

Click the below images to read each woman’s journey.





























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