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7 Tips For Building Body Confidence & Encouraging Self-Esteem In Girls


7 Tips For Building Body Confidence & Encouraging Self-Esteem In Girls


7 Tips For Building Body Confidence & Encouraging Self-Esteem In Girls

When I read the article, “Kids Are Unhappy With Their Bodies as Young as Age 8,” my heart skipped a beat. A child’s only worries should be doing well in school and playing outside. Self-shaming shouldn’t be a part of a child’s reality.  But that’s what many children deal with on a daily basis.

A recent U.K. study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry, followed about 6,000 children until they were 14 years old. In following these children, they discovered a pattern of poor body image at a young age, which ultimately led to eating disorder behaviors later on.

There were a number of statistics that were a part of the study including the following one:

When the children reached age 14, 39% of the girls said they had dieted in the last year and 8% said they had binged.

Instead of focusing on the study, let’s focus on results. It’s important to ask ourselves what we can do to reverse this trajectory and instill a healthy dose of body confidence in our youth.

Here are seven tips that you can incorporate as you help the child in your life to be more confident.

  1. Encourage your girls (and boys) to pursue a passion, hobby and/or an activity that she loves.
  2. Allow them to assist in making decisions and choices that pertain to their life. Choosing things like their own clothing and after school activities can go a long way.
  3. Pinpoint the values that you uphold and relay these values to your kids in a way that they can fully understand and comprehend.
  4. When your child comes to you with a dilemma, (if possible) encourage them to solve their own issues instead of fixing the issues for them.
  5. When your daughter comes to you with questions about her body and the way that it is changing, address her questions. Don’t assume that because she is a child, that she doesn’t or shouldn’t have questions.  Try to answer her questions.
  6. If you catch her talking about someone else’s appearance in a negative way, correct her behavior and explain why that’s not acceptable.
  7. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. Make sure she knows that her weight doesn’t interfere with her greatness.

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