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Today In Plus: July 26, 2017


Today In Plus: July 26, 2017

Today In Plus: The Good, The Inspiring & The Fabulous!

Fashion should be free from stress, headache and second guessing yourself.  Doubt has no place in your closet space or when you’re fashionably expressing yourself. Dia & Co stands firmly with this belief and agrees with us. If you need an ounce of proof, then I suggest you follow the hashtag #DiaARMY. The plus size subscription service recently launched its 2017 campaign encouraging women to embrace every ounce of their bodies, especially their arms.

Because we love a great campaign just as much as we love a kick-ass collaboration, kudos to plus size bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason on launching Premme. The site went live yesterday morning (07/25/2017) and within hours several items were sold out. Talk about supply and demand!

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