Hip Hop Artist Lizzo Delivers An Honest Interview About Self-Love & Her Artistry

As if we needed another reason to fan out over Lizzo!

Lizzo is such an amazing artist! Her EP “Coconut Oil” is on constant repeat and after seeing her interview on Sway In The Morning, I have a newfound respect for the Minneapolis-based hip-hop artist.

Image Source: Atlantic Records

During the interview Lizzo shared that she was originally in a group. When asked about her decision to go solo she confessed the following: “It was so scary . . . I think that psychologically I thought I needed somebody who I felt was more worthy of stardom to be next to me, that I could support.”

Check out the entire video online and  make sure you watch her spit bars toward the end. Spit bars = Rap for those scratching their heads in curiosity.

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Today In Plus: July 26, 2017