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La’Porsha Renae: Why Are Faith, Family & Music So Important To This Vocal Powerhouse?

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La’Porsha Renae: Why Are Faith, Family & Music So Important To This Vocal Powerhouse?

Who is La’Porsha Renae?

That’s the question we’ve been asking since seeing her on season 15 of American Idol.

La’Porsha Renae’s story began long before AI. Before auditioning for the reality singing competition, La’Porsha endured a tumultuous relationship, but she is a survivor. The Macomb, Mississippi native credits God, the birth of her daughter, and her love of music as her salvation. Having built up the courage to press charges, she left her ex-husband in April 2015 and found herself auditioning for AI, while living in a homeless shelter. The World would eventually hear La’Porsha’s testimony and her earning the runner-up crown on AI was just the beginning.

———————————————-Q&A———————————————- Between making it to the finals on the final season of American Idol, releasing a new album and performing live on stage with several musical heavy weights; you’ve had an extraordinary last few years.  Have you had a chance to sit back and say, “I did that” and take it all in?

La’Porsha Renae: Not really. I’ve been on the move and hungry to capitalize off of all the exposure I got from Idol. Sometimes it hits me when I’m watching the audience sing one of my songs. What type of exposure do you think you got from being on American Idol that you would not have gotten if you went a different route?

La’Porsha Renae: Idol was such a well-known show. My fan base stretches from my home town all the way to places like Brazil, Africa and Indonesia. Idol definitely gave me an extraordinary platform. That’s amazing!! So when the audience sings your music they’re singing in different languages.  To be able to touch lives internationally is such a blessing. What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve received so far and who was it from?

La’Porsha Renae: Best advice came from my mother. She reminds me to always remember who and who’s I am. She also tells me to remember my “why” for doing all of this and that’s my daughter. Those reminders keep me grounded and allow me to face adversity and obstacles with confidence and reassurance. That’s great advice.  Normally, there isn’t just one singer in the family.  Does your mom sing also?

 La’Porsha Renae: No she doesn’t. But my aunts and cousins do. And my paternal grandfather used to. Speaking of mom’s, since you’re so busy, how did you spend Mother’s Day last month?

La’Porsha Renae: I spent it with my daughter, sister, and mother. We just watched the cartoon movie “Sing” and went out to eat.

Image Courtesy of Motown Records Before speaking with you I watched the video of you singing “No More Drama” on American Idol.  What were you thinking when you were singing that?

La’Porsha Renae: I was confronting my abuser through the television screen. I just love the fact that you were able to share your story on such a large platform.  What type of response have you received?

La’Porsha Renae:  Thanks you so much. I have gotten so much love and support from fans of all ages and genders. It touches my heart to know that I’ve impacted people in such a positive way. And to think, this is just the beginning.  Let’s talk about this album.  Already, All Ready.  Tell me about the title?

La’Porsha Renae: The title represents defying all stereotypes and stipulations being put on following your dreams. It’s basically saying I am who and what I am. Take it or leave it. I have to change nothing about my appearance to be ready for what I’m doing. I’m ready just as I am. I want people to know that just because society has a popular idea of what someone should look or sound or act like doesn’t make it dictate what and who you can be. Do you. Everyone else will eventually jump on board or get over it. But always be true to you, no matter what others think. You just delivered such a message in that answer.  Interview over! But seriously, that’s such a great message for women and men and that message is heard throughout the album. Were you going for a particular sound with the album?

La’Porsha Renae: Yes, I was going for a throwback universal sound. I wanted to show homage to the greats like Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Prince, Etta James and Aretha who paved the way for me to become the artist I am today. If throwback is what you were going for, you succeeded.

La’Porsha Renae: Thank you!!! Yes it was.  I miss the way music used to be. My favorite song on the album is “Will You Fight.” Do you have a favorite, if so, which one is it?

La’Porsha Renae: I don’t. It depends on the day. You mentioned several great artists during this interview.  Let’s do a little name association.  Give me the first word that comes to mind when I mention the artist.

La’Porsha Renae: Whitney Houston = Commanding Presence ; Celine Dion = Angelic Presence; Fantasia = Church Girl; Jennifer Lopez = Ambitious, Jack of all Trades Some people know what their purpose in life is early on.  Did you know that you would be an entertainer some day?

La’Porsha Renae: No, I always thought I’d be a mermaid. Just kidding. I thought I would be a nun, so we were both wrong. I read that you keep a song interpretation journal.  Tell me about that and how that helped you?

La’Porsha Renae: I do keep a journal of songs that make me feel certain ways. I feel that it’s a good way to get into the mood for writing. By combining songs with like moods and creating an inspiration that will bleed into paper. You’ve said that God saved you through music.  How did He save you and how important is your faith? 

La’Porsha Renae: God saved me through music because when I get down, music is my therapy. God is my everything. I consult with Him before I do or say anything. When I mess up, He’s the first one I ask to forgive me because He’s been my everything when nobody else could reach me He was there.  It’s important for me to keep Him first. What are three of your career goals and how do you plan on achieving them?

La’Porsha Renae: Three career goals of mine are to inspire people, get my daughter and I financially comfortable, and retreat to a private island.

Image Courtesy of Motown Records

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