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Everything That You Need To Know About Plus Size, Denim Centric Brand RWN by Rawan


Everything That You Need To Know About Plus Size, Denim Centric Brand RWN by Rawan

I can’t remember the last time that I wore a pair of jeans. The last pair I remember purchasing were a pair of dark denim jeans with red stitching and I absolutely loved them. But I eventually came to the conclusion that jeans were uncomfortable and they weren’t a necessity so I made the decision to stop wearing the ones that I already had and to never buy a pair of jeans again.

From time to time a brand comes along that makes me rethink my decision to purchase denim, and that brand is RWN by Rawan. The mere fact that this denim lifestyle brand fits sizes 10-32 is a reason for me to purchase a pair of jeans just so I can support them. If they can get me to buy jeans again, maybe they’re worth the investment.

Why plus size fashion?

Founder Rawan Ghawi was inspired to start the brand when she noticed a gap in the marketplace for customers like herself. “With retailers expanding into the plus size space, I still couldn’t find a brand that had the perfect recipe of styling, fit, and quality. I created the line because I wanted to shop for on-trend, well-constructed, quality pieces I could invest a little more in. I took everything that was missing in the marketplace and put it into this line,” said Ghawi.

What makes Rawan qualified to start a clothing line?

Before creating the namesake collection Ghawi was responsible for the expansion of Forever 21’s plus size division and she was one of the first plus size members of the buying team for Torrid. This woman knows plus size fashion.

What to Expect?

The collection features a versatile range of elevated women’s styles infused with unexpected details. The brand is launching with jeans, denim jackets, denim shirts, military and cargo jackets, dresses, and boho tops, all retailing for under $100.

Where Can You Find This Collection?

Beginning May 15th, the collection is available for purchase through the online store and select pieces are available through styling subscription services, Dia & Co and Stitch Fix Plus

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