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Honoring Extraordinary Women: 3 Moms That Make Motherhood Look Easy


Honoring Extraordinary Women: 3 Moms That Make Motherhood Look Easy

Motherhood Is A Gift To Us All

Motherhood is more than giving birth to a child. Motherhood is a gift to us all. A committed, supportive and passionate mother is important to our development. A world without mothers sounds foreign and free of encouragement, positive energy and unconditional love. The job of a mom is never ending. From mothers, children learn the virtues of sacrifice, sharing, valuing others, compassion, community and several other values and skills that allows them to coexist in peace.

I could go on and on about the greatness that lies in Motherhood because a mom’s work is never done.

To celebrate Mother’s Day (May 14), three readers are enthusiastically telling the World about mom’s close to them that rock and make motherhood look super easy.

Yolanda D. Clay

Nominated by Yolanda’s best friend Sabrina Lowe.

“Yolanda is a selfless woman that pours love , encouragement and motivation on anyone that she encounters! She is a :

  1. Motivator
  2. Outstanding Woman
  3. Merciful Person

Yolanda is a community activist, that empowers and supports many community organizations all while being a single mom of two daughters that are her life! She instilled morals, dignity and the Love of God into her daughters that they also share and empower others at their young age. Yolanda is the epitome of a great mom and this is what makes her a mom that inspires me.”

Tiffanie Ray

Nominated by Tiffanie’s twin sister Hillorie


Quote turned into a poem:
“We were born into this world together. god knew I needed shelter. You spoke for me until I was at the age of five.You even stood by me even when I would lie. You bend over backwards for the family because your heart is so big. You even have a hand raising my kid. Now that god blessed you with a beautiful daughter I know your morals will teach her to love, care and be a fighter. You Tiffanie are a GREAT MOTHER.”

Benita Rowry

Nominated by Benita’s good friend Lakeisha Theus-Stiff

“What makes Benita a super mom? Aside from the daily challenges of being a single mother, her youngest daughters are twins, both of whom are on the Autism spectrum. I’ve met a lot of parents who have children with Autism, but they all have these wonderful support systems. Benita is a support system of one! Her mom passed when she was pregnant with her oldest daughter, which left her having to give up a full college scholarship.

Between working full time, therapy, IEPs, school visits, meltdowns, and a ton of other things what would break most of us she still finds time to be a shoulder to cry on and a voice of reason to all of her friends. She’s that person that will be down to her last $20 but give you half of it.

We’ve all said “I don’t know how you do it” to someone in our lives, but I seriously don’t know how she manages. She’s not one to complain when things get tough, and without going into details…THINGS GET TOUGH! But she keeps keeps a positive attitude about it.”

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