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All Legs Were Created Equal: I Haven’t Worn Shorts In 20 Years. It’s Time To Change That!


All Legs Were Created Equal: I Haven’t Worn Shorts In 20 Years. It’s Time To Change That!

Ahhh Shorts!!

I have such a love-hate relationship with them. This relationship dates back to 1988. As a chubby ten-year-old, the trends available in the department stores didn’t fit me perfectly and they always needed to be altered. But, I had a secret weapon, a mother who could sew. Just like any mom whose mission was to make her daughter happy, when certain things didn’t come in my size, she made sure my style wants didn’t suffer.  When spandex shorts wore all the rage, my mom made me the cutest pair of shorts ever.  If I remember correctly she made a pair of spandex shorts a.k.a. biking shorts for all of her children. But back to me.  She purchased some neon pink swimwear fabric and created the shorts of my dreams. I wore those shorts all summer and my “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” t-shirt was the perfect accessory.

Fast forward to my teenage years. I started caring way too much about what people would say about my legs. The trends became more intricate, so it would take too much time for my mom to create denim shorts only for me to rip them to shreds. Instead of asking her to create age appropriate masterpieces (because department stores assumed that fat teenagers should wear what grown women wore), I tried my best to search for trendy clothing that I could wear to school, but nothing ever came as close to those iconic hot pink biking shorts.

Now in my late 30s, my love-hate relationship with shorts are at a crossroads. On the one hand, I view them as an item of clothing that I should rock (because what do I have to be ashamed of), but I often talk myself out of wearing them for various reasons. Those reasons vary from them being too short to the mere thought of chub-rub and wondering how my rubbing thighs will translate on a hot summer day. But doubts are made to be shattered, right? So I’m about to buy my first pair of shorts in at least 20 years. Because, if I’m honest, regardless of your body type, age or style preference, no one should be afraid of showing off their legs. 

I have no clue which shorts I’m going to buy, but I do know I could use some help. I don’t want an ordinary pair of shorts. I need something that says, “I belong to Stephanie.”  Below are eight pairs of plus size shorts that I have my sights set on. Leave a comment below and let me know which ones I should buy.

A Pair Of Black Shorts Will Go Perfectly With My Summer Tops

Belted Flowy Shorts,

Comfort Is A Must For Me

Gingham Suit Short, Lane Bryant

Denim Shorts Are A Must!

There’s Nothing Wrong With A Pop Of Color!

Savvy Printed Twill Bermuda Short, Pennington’s

These Are So Feminine And I Love The Color Pink!

Crochet Pull-On Shorts, Torrid

These Are My Favorites!!

Florals Are Always In Style

These Are Nice!

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