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School Teacher & Fit Model, Samantha Davis Shares Why She’s Passionate About Helping Children & Plus Size Women

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School Teacher & Fit Model, Samantha Davis Shares Why She’s Passionate About Helping Children & Plus Size Women

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Women wear so many hats. On top of being mothers, sisters, daughters and best friends we’re also career women. In the case of Samantha Davis we’re school teachers, and when we’re not doing our part of shaping the lives of our future, we’re Plus Size models.

Throughout her career as a plus-size model, Samantha Davis has continuously defined the term substance. Whenever this West Coast native shares a picture or an anecdote on social media we get a glimpse into the focused woman that she is.

It’s always a pleasure to speak with a model and take her away from her job of being a muse by allowing her to share the many layers that make her unique. During this interview, we catch up with Samantha, discuss her love of the classroom and her affinity towards fit modeling.

What have you been up to since your 2013 cover?

Since the 2013 Cover, I’ve continued teaching and modeling in Los Angeles/Hollywood. I’ve continued modeling in numerous fashion shows. I modeled in the first ever Plus Size Line to showcase in Style Fashion Week L.A. I also continued doing a lot of Fit Modeling with my agency. I was one of the Fit Models used for Lucky Brand Jean’s first ever Plus Size Line.

I also began booking more acting gigs. I was the main character in TLC Network’s Episode of My Fat Saved My Life, and I was a supporting character on an episode of Investigation Discovery (I.D.) Channel’s Blood Relatives. I was featured in different Music Videos such as Far East Movements “Illest” Music Video.

I’ve been really busy within the last few years. I recently relocated back home to the San Francisco Bay Area to assist in the care of my father who is sick with Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m still teaching and modeling, but I am now closer to my family.

During your last feature, you were new to fit modeling, and you liked it. Do you still enjoy it and do you enjoy fit modeling over runway?

Yes, I was new to fit modeling, and I love it. I’ve also signed on as a fit model here in San Francisco. I enjoy seeing all of the behind the scenes work that it takes to make the clothing sold in the stores. I’m glad to be able to help the companies find the right fit for their customers. Just to think when people of my size walk in the store, they will be trying the clothes on based on my measurements and input. I love being able to be a part of Full Figured women being comfortable in their clothing and happy with the fit.

For those new to modeling can you tell them what fit modeling entails?

With Fit Modeling, you work “behind the scenes” for the clothing companies. You are their live mannequin. The companies call models in for the specific height and measurements that they are seeking. You come in, and they fit their garments on you, check the measurements, and make adjustments to areas that may need improvement. Once the clothing is finalized with the correct fit, it is ready to be sold in the stores.

Is it difficult to get into fit modeling?

You have to be the measurements that the company is seeking. You can get a lot of work doing Fit Modeling, but it’s all based on your measurements and what they are looking for. It’s important to keep your Specs (measurements) up to date with your agency, so they send the right info the companies when submitting you for castings.

You also mentioned that you’re a teacher. Between working a daily job and modeling, what tips can you give women on time management?

Time management is important. With teaching, I teach children with Special Needs, so I am on a shorter daily schedule than the General Education Classrooms. My availability during the school year for modeling is open to the afternoons during the week and full availability on the weekends. With teaching, I also receive a lot of vacations during the holidays and three months off during Summer Vacation which is when I model full time. My agencies are all aware of my availability and have been very flexible with castings and auditions at times that work with my schedule. I have a passion for both careers, and I’ve been blessed to be able to balance and be successful in both. With various castings, auditions and bookings, meetings for teaching, etc. I have everything written in my calendar, so my bookings and meetings do not overlap.

Speaking of passion, when was your passion for teaching ignited? Have you always wanted to teach?

I have always had a passion for working with children. I have several credentials to work with the General Ed population and students with Special Needs, but I love working with the kiddos who require more support. I enjoy being able to provide more one on one support to students in need and helping them reach the academic, behavioral, and emotional goals that they may not have been able to meet in a larger classroom environment. It’s rewarding. It’s such a great feeling when you see the progress that the kiddos have made. So many people give up on them. They just need someone who has the passion and patience and also someone who believes that they can succeed.

I love that! My best friend and both of my brothers are teachers. They all love it! Earlier during this interview, you mentioned that you were on TLC. Do you plan on doing more television?

I definitely plan on doing more television. I would love to expand even further and start booking National Commercials. I’m a goal-getter.

I would like to change things up. I’m going to give you a few inspirational quotes, and I would love to hear your interpretation of them. 


Quote #1:  “Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it.” ~ Gabourey Sidibe

Your body is your main place of residence, keep it clean, healthy, and decorate it with stimulation from learning new things.

Quote #2:  “Personally, I don’t want to live with limitations. If there comes a time where I am dying to play Juliet or Macbeth, I want to make those avenues for myself.” ~ Danielle Brooks

Live life to its fullest and explore all opportunities.

Quote #3:  “Just because you’re not thin does not mean you’re ugly. You are beautiful because of the light you carry inside you. You are beautiful because you say you are, and you hold yourself that way.” ~Mary Lambert

Beauty is not determined by your outward appearance. You can have a beautiful face, and have an ugly personality. I believe that true beauty shines from the inside. Inner beauty presides over outer beauty. All shapes and sizes are beautiful. Society doesn’t determine how beautiful you are. We were all made uniquely and beautifully different.

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