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What To Wear Around The House When You Have Nothing To Do And Nowhere To Go


What To Wear Around The House When You Have Nothing To Do And Nowhere To Go

We All Have That One Item That Will Never Retire…..


A few years ago I purchased the most comfortable plus size maxi dress that I had ever laid eyes on. It was a tan and black striped dress that hugged my curves perfectly. I wore it every chance I got. I wore it on the weekends and I even added a cardigan so I could wear it to work. Like I said, I wore that dress everywhere.

This wasn’t the first or last time that I would gravitate towards one particular item, but this dress is definitely one my favorite dresses. I wore it in public for about three years but now it stays in the house. Instead of wearing it public, I now wear it as pajamas or when I’m lounging. Either way, it doesn’t get much sunlight.  All great things must either come to an end or take on a new role and this dress has assumed the position of loungewear.  I’m not mad about and I hope the curve hugging favorite isn’t either.

Over the years I’ve worn several things when I’m hanging out at home with nowhere to go.

  • In high school I wore a hockey jersey until it was no longer in style.
  • In college I wore t-shirts and sweatpants.  In fact, that became my go to outfit on a daily basis. 
  • During my early 20’s I wore some oversized pants and a tank top.  I still bring this look out when I can’t find the tan and black dress. 
  • And now I lounge in the infamous maxi dress.

Below are a few lounge worthy items that I can see myself doing absolutely nothing in:

This Cover Up Looks So Comfy


I Can’t Believe That This Is Sleepwear!

This One Can Be Worn In & Out Of The House

What do you wear on your lazy days when you have nowhere to go?

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