What To Wear Around The House When You Have Nothing To Do And Nowhere To Go

We All Have That One Item That Will Never Retire…..


A few years ago I purchased the most comfortable plus size maxi dress that I had ever laid eyes on. It was a tan and black striped dress that hugged my curves perfectly. I wore it every chance I got. I wore it on the weekends and I even added a cardigan so I could wear it to work. Like I said, I wore that dress everywhere.

This wasn’t the first or last time that I would gravitate towards one particular item, but this dress is definitely one my favorite dresses. I wore it in public for about three years but now it stays in the house. Instead of wearing it public, I now wear it as pajamas or when I’m lounging. Either way, it doesn’t get much sunlight.  All great things must either come to an end or take on a new role and this dress has assumed the position of loungewear.  I’m not mad about and I hope the curve hugging favorite isn’t either.

Over the years I’ve worn several things when I’m hanging out at home with nowhere to go.

  • In high school I wore a hockey jersey until it was no longer in style.
  • In college I wore t-shirts and sweatpants.  In fact, that became my go to outfit on a daily basis. 
  • During my early 20’s I wore some oversized pants and a tank top.  I still bring this look out when I can’t find the tan and black dress. 
  • And now I lounge in the infamous maxi dress.

Below are a few lounge worthy items that I can see myself doing absolutely nothing in:

This Cover Up Looks So Comfy


Cover-Up Maxi Dress

I Can’t Believe That This Is Sleepwear!

Kimono Sleep Romper

This One Can Be Worn In & Out Of The House

Simply Vera Vera Wang Whisper Garden Caftan Dress

What do you wear on your lazy days when you have nowhere to go?

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