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‘Detroiters’ Star Andre Belue Talks About Securing A Role On Comedy Central’s Hit Show


‘Detroiters’ Star Andre Belue Talks About Securing A Role On Comedy Central’s Hit Show

The actor plays Tommy Pencils on Detroiters.

In Comedy Central’s new show, Andre Belue plays Tommy Pencils, an employee at a local advertising firm based in Detroit, MI.  Below, Belue shares how he secured a recurring role on his first major acting gig, how proud he is to be starring in a television show rooted in his hometown and what he plans on tackling next. 


So you’re on Detroiters on Comedy Central. That’s huge!!!! How did that opportunity happen?

I started by answering the email for extras for the pilot. That was episode 1. After the pilot was shot, the show gave me a call and asked me to be a recurring cast member, and I’ll be in 4 of the ten episodes!

Wow! That’s impressive. Is this your first role of this magnitude?

Yes, it is! It has been such a humbling experience working with great actors like Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson and our Detroit crew like Shawntay Dalon and Henri Franklin.

Have you always had dreams of acting or did this role give birth to a new dream for you?

I always dreamed of being an actor. I have been in several local plays and even growing up as a kid I was very involved in Fine Arts. I love it all! This role and experience have expanded my interest in the art of acting, and I will be pursuing it more!

Andre Belue on the Set of 'Detroiters'

Andre Belue on the Set of ‘Detroiters’


What initially sparked your interest in acting and how did being involved in Fine Arts as a child shape you into the person you’ve become as an adult?

When I was young, I watched movies like Coming to America and Big Business and constantly repeated the lines and acted out scenes. I just knew I was going to be the next Eddie Murphy LOL! Being involved in fine arts as a child really helped establish my character, drive, and love of the arts. It has always been true adrenaline anytime I’m on stage to entertain and make people smile! done

Like you, I was involved with the arts as a child, and it certainly gave me an appreciation for various genres of music and films.

Yes, the same here. I have won state medals for singing classical music and playing the trumpet. I love all genres of music and always wanted to do a country single!

I’ve heard some great things about Detroiters so far. Why do you think people connect to the concept so organically?

I think it’s an organic concept. It’s classic Detroit! Not all the negative that the city has a reputation for. The two stars show a friendship of 2 men that grew up in the Detroit metro area having real comedic relationship situations. So far we have seen or heard of Better-made, Vernors, Chrysler, Slow-role, Detroit dump and so much more. When you grow up in a place like Detroit and can see some of our great landmarks and brands on the Tv screen it just makes you feel all good inside!

Image photographed by Jovanna Reyes for Curvysta Magazine

Image photographed by Jovanna Reyes for Curvysta Magazine

Previously you mentioned Eddie Murphy. I remember how people felt after seeing him wear a Mumford Phys. Ed Dept.T-shirt in the movie Beverly Hills Cop. Those types of special touches in films instills a particular pride in the city residents and those who grew up in the city. That’s the same feeling that Detroiters gives me.

Yes, Steph that how it felt working on the set. I work in the marketing department at Carhartt and to see the guys wearing our clothing, eating better-made chips, to see local landmarks and Mort Crim representing our News Media; you just stick your chest out with a sense of pride being proud of Detroit!

That’s amazing!! So what’s next for you? What are you currently working on? Anymore acting projects coming up?

Right now, I have a couple of acting opportunities out of state that I will be going to audition as well as some upcoming modeling opportunities that I’m currently working on now. The entire cast is eagerly awaiting to hear information about season 2 of the Detroiters! That’s all for me at this current time. Staying busy and loving it!

Image photographed by Jovanna Reyes for Curvysta Magazine

Image photographed by Jovanna Reyes for Curvysta Magazine

Well, congratulations and good luck. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Last thing. We’re all about inspiring our readers at Daily Venus Diva. Do you have a quote or personal mantra that you live by?

Thanks so much Steph! I have a couple… “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Til your good is better, and your better is best!” ~St. Jerome. “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” ~Og Mandino

Those are a couple of my favorite quotes.

Detroiters airs on Comedy Central every Tuesday.  Check your local listing for showtimes. 


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