March 2017 Editor’s Letter: I Salute The Entrepreneurs Of The Industry

Our Cover Star Chrystal Bougon, busy working.
Our Cover Star Chrystal Bougon, busy working.

I’m writing this from my bed, my cozy bed. Although I wish I was on a tropical island, the reality is that I’m not. Instead I’m protecting myself from the chill in my house by staying wrapped up in a comforter. And even though its cold outside and the wind is blowing so fierce one would think she had an attitude, I’m optimistic of everything that the month of March has to offer.

For some March is all the spring; spring fashion, spring cleaning and spring weather. For others this month is synonymous with women’s history month. That brings me to our cover. Our March 2017 cover model is Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie. The reason behind featuring Chrystal and other business owners this month is to not only share with you the products they produce and the services they offer. Our goal is to explore the stories behind their businesses what keeps them going, what keeps them thriving and why the work they do is needed and very necessary.

The month of March is dedicated to the entrepreneurs that keep the plus size industry alive. Throughout the month join us as we talk with visionaries, CEO’s and trailblazers.

We Salute You And Thank You For Your Dedication.

With much respect and admiration,
Stephanie Penn, Editor-In-Chief of

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