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The Big & Desirable Movement Started With A Poem


The Big & Desirable Movement Started With A Poem


Jason and Chontel Parker, Ph.D, founders of the Big & Desirable Movement

Here at Daily Venus Diva we support campaigns that are plus positive. When I saw the Big & Desirable campaign begin to spread like wildfire, I had to reach out to the founders of the movement and find out more.  In this interview I talked with the Jason and Chontel Parker, Ph.D about the campaign, the mission and why their message is important.


What is the Big & Desirable Movement?

Beauty has no standard. One is as beautiful as she/he perceives themselves to be. The slogan Big And Desirable may also be misconstrued at times because society has equated the term BIG with being bad or ugly. Well, we here at BAD say that you’re damn right BIG is BAD, but not in a negative sense. We’ve had so many opportunities to empower BAD ladies from small to 5X through our apparel line, each one fulfilling the mission of Being their own BAD.

How did it come about?

The Big And Desirable (BAD) movement started with a poem written by J. DeShon (Jason DeShon Givens Sr), co-owner of Big And Desirable.  The poem was inspired by the overlooked aesthetic of the plus-size woman.  Initially, his poem was meant to empower the plus size woman, but once the poem was published, ladies of all sizes felt a sense of empowerment.  From there, Jason and Chontel Parker, Ph.D thought that it would be great to develop a logo and start the Big And Desirable Movement via an apparel line.  They contacted Mae Lea Designs with a concept and she brought the logo to life and the movement launched May 2016.

With that, here’s an excerpt from the poem B.A.D. (Big & Desirable) by J. DeShon:

Don't complicate your mind. (1)

What is the mission of the movement and ultimate goals?

The mission of BAD is to empower individuals, without boundaries, one item at a time.  The acceptance of BAD by all shapes, sizes, races, sexes and geographic locations has been nothing short of amazing.  As empowerment coaches, Jason and Chontel seek to defy the stereotypical norm of what’s considered “acceptable”.  Beauty has many faces and BAD seeks to promote that notion. 

How big would you like to see the movement go?

In the words of the ever so popular Disney character, Buzz Lightyear, “To infinity and beyond.”

What changes would you like to see in the plus community?

More positive representation.  Generally, when plus size some are represented, they fit a certain “standard”, an “acceptable form of beauty”.  We’ve all seen it, pear shaped or “coke bottle”, you know the “type”.  BAD would like to see a more diverse population representing the plus community. Terms are thrown around; big fine, big boned, thick etc and people often try to define themselves in order to fit a label or category in order to appear socially acceptable. Building and being secure in “YOU” in all its size and glory is our MISSION and COMMITMENT here at BIG AND DESIRABLE.

How can people join the movement? 

The Movement is more of a mindset than anything. However, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram (BigAnd Desirable) and purchase our merchandise through those channels.  Outside of social media presence, the founders seek to promote positive self concept, because in reality, that’s what the movement is all about.

If someone isn’t plus can they support the movement and how?

Absolutely!! From the smallest petite to our BADest sister, we are THE MOVEMENT…. And thats DESIRABLE! We have shipped shirts all around the world from sizes small to 5x. Again, BAD is a mindset.

What’s next? Upcoming events or plans?

Expanding the brand and uplifting individuals.  We have participated in several community events and are looking forward to continuously spreading the mission. 

Website and social media info?

BAD does not currently have a website, however, please follow us through Facebook and Instagram (BigAnd Desirable).  We can also be contacted via email at [email protected]


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