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Interview: Entrepreneur Kristen Booker Creates A V.I.P. Experience For Plus Size Women


Interview: Entrepreneur Kristen Booker Creates A V.I.P. Experience For Plus Size Women

The Curvy Industry Experience Is What Dallas Needs!


With a name like “The Curvy Industry Experience,” you know you’re in for a curvy treat! Created by former blogger turned entrepreneur, Kristen Booker’s goal is to build a memorable experience for everyone attending the Texas event next weekend. From a Curvy Industry mixer to an industry panel discussion, this is one event that should be on your radar. With plus industry influencers like Gwen DeVoe, Chenese Lewis, Christina Mendez and Lisa Scott giving valuable information make sure you have a pen and a pad to take notes from these seasoned divas!

When sharing upcoming events with you, it’s always best to speak directly to the visionary and find out the important details; the what, who, why’s and how’s. Keep reading as Kristen Booker gives you a glimpse of what to expect at the Curvy Industry Experience.

13445511_10154243762799659_7958448475076416232_nTell me about the Curvy Industry Experience Weekend?

The Curvy Industry Experience Weekend will be held November 4th – 5th in Dallas, Texas. This inaugural two-day event will be filled with networking, engaging workshops, and a chance to connect with some of the most influential women in the plus industry. This event will serve as the first of a series of events dedicated to the budding plus size community in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. We have fantastic hosts such as the CEO and Founder of FFFWeek, Gwen DeVoe, Model, Christina Mendez, Radio Host and Actress, Chenese Lewis, and Model Lisa Scott! The entire weekend will be hosted by our local radio personality and sensation, Kiki J of K104fm!

What should attendees expect?

Attendees should expect a V.I.P experience that involves fashion, networking with influential attendees and invaluable knowledge from an expert host of the plus industry! This highly anticipated event will be at the beautiful NYLO Hotel Las Colinas! Each VIP attendee will have swag bags filled with goodies from brands from our valued sponsors like Dia&Co, Fashion to Figure, and more!

What made you want to create this type of event in the Dallas, Texas area?

I created this platform based off of my experiences locally and afar with attending events in the plus industry. I have been to amazing events outside of Texas and have never experienced the same type of events locally. My mission is to create a platform for plus size women of all demographics in the underserved region of the Dallas-Fort Worth area to connect with the plus industry and become a recognized market for mainstream media and larger retail markets. I feel that it is crucial to have quality and professional experiences in the plus industry in Dallas and beyond.

Tell me about your special guests. Why did you choose that group of women to speak at your event?

I selected these spectacular women to be a part of my first event based off of the previous relationships we had with my first brand, Vanity Curves Boutique. What better way to involve those that already had former relationships with my brand and knew the quality I produce. All of these wonderful women are trailblazers in the industry and are key components in the future of the Industry. They hold a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share such jewels to those willing to invest in their crafts and brands. I will say, I will be meeting Christina Mendez for the first time, but I have been a fan for many years! I’ve watched her brand grow successfully over the years and feel as though she is a great example of what a Model is!

What if I don’t want to model, is your event for me too?

Absolutely! The workshop is for anyone wanting to enter, perfect, or grow in the industry. One of the titles of the workshop sessions is “Navigating Through the Plus Industry,” hosted by Gwen DeVoe and Chenese Lewis. This session is geared towards the business owner, blogger, beauty influencer, stylist, and more! We’ll cover topics such as branding, event production, and more titles to help you navigate through the industry effortlessly!


What type of feedback have you received so far?

I have received so much positive feedback, especially from my plus industry colleagues! They are cheering me on. Everyone agrees that The Curvy Industry Experience is what Dallas needs! I have been thanked by peers that I look up to for having the courage to do what so many wanted to do, but didn’t. So the pressure is on! I feel honored to be able to create the first premier event of this magnitude in my city for the plus industry locally!

When you were creating this event, who and what did you have in mind?

I had my friends that live in this area and myself in mind that want more from this industry, but we simply haven’t been given the opportunity. The Plus industry is a billion dollar market, and the Southwest region is being left behind! When we want to participate in the events with major brands and major influencers we converse about events that take place in L.A., NYC, or ATL….when we could be having fabulous events in Dallas, Houston, or even New Orleans! It’s time that this region gets ahead of the Curve and gets in on the action!

When planning something of this magnitude, so many thoughts fill your head. Is there one element that you knew you had to incorporate and what was it?

Yes! I knew my vision had to involve unity. I knew without a doubt I would have to partner with major brands and bloggers to bring awareness to this market. I knew that I would have to count on the help of other local boutiques and brands because I wouldn’t be able to carry the weight of this region on my own. So many of my colleagues understood and supported my vision, and I am so blessed to have them as sponsors of my first event under The Curvy Industry Experience Weekend!

Do you have plans to host more events in the future?

Most definitely! The Curvy Industry Experience Weekend is just the launch of a series of events to come! I would recommend that your readers bookmark and you join the movement on our website for the latest info and upcoming events! We are also very active on our social platforms and love interacting with our followers!

Take a look at video starring your event host Kristen Booker!

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