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From The Bedroom To The Boardroom: 3 Ways To Rock Plus Size Sleepwear To Work


From The Bedroom To The Boardroom: 3 Ways To Rock Plus Size Sleepwear To Work

Wear the chicest sleepwear to work this fall

Image Credit: Lane Bryant

Image Credit: Lane Bryant

Fashion is very personal. It’s the personal relationship that you have with your clothing, and just like relationships that you have with other humans, no one can tell you how to navigate your relationship. Because my only piece of fashion advice is to, “Do You,” I’ve decided to focus on a fashion “NO,” instead of a fashion “YES.”   After all, everyone always says, “there are no rules in fashion,” yet they want to police you. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the actual police, so the last thing anyone needs is people policing their fashion choices too.  Just thinking about it gives me an instant headache.

This week, let’s throw rules out of the window and talk about wearing sleepwear, not just in the bedroom, but in the boardroom.

Keep reading as I give you a few tips (with examples) for wearing pjs to work.

– The Robe

Wear a robe that hits between the hips and just below the knees and rock it with a pair of slacks or your favorite jeans. Confession: I recently purchased a pajama set (including robe) from Lane Bryant with the intention of wearing them to bed, but the joke was on me because I’ve worn that robe to work several times. Even my supervisor complimented me on it once. Mission accomplished.

– Wear A Full Set

Why not wear a full set of PJ’s with some super cute pumps. If you choose the right fabric and print, no one would have a clue. They may even ask you where you purchased your outfit. Confession: Years ago, I headed on a trip (I think to Chicago), and wanted to wear something comfy, so I wore a short pajama set on the bus. It was so comfy that I added it to my daytime wardrobe.

– Lacy Lingerie

Who says you can’t pair some lacy lingerie with a classic blazer? Not I! Have you seen some of this lingerie? They  can cost more than your regular pants. If I’m going to spend $80 on a chemise, I think I’ve earned the right to wear it outside of the house and show off my décolletage.

Have you ever worn pajamas outside of the house?  If so, share pictures with us.  Tag us on Instagram at #DailyVenusDiva!


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