BYOB Has A New Meaning: 6 Things That You Should Know About Advance Magazine’s “Be Your Own Beautiful” Campaign

Advance Magazine recently unveiled their “Be Your Own Beautiful” campaign in their June 2016 issue. To say that we love this message is an understatement. Find out why you should join this campaign!


1. The #BYOBCampaign is a body positive social media campaign created by the CEO of Advance Magazine, Ambrea Curry, designed to challenge all women to define beauty on their terms.

2.  It is an ode to plus-sized women everywhere, meant to shine a light on confident, sexy women who are proud of their “beautiful” no matter their size.

3.  The campaign’s objective is to challenge the less confident plus woman and women in general to love themselves and to never accept the beauty standards set before us in today’s society.

4.  Advance Magazine offers content aligned for ambitious women and their BYOB campaign is an extension of their overall mission.


5.  The quarterly magazine “seeks to inspire and, most of all encourage women to believe that no goal is out of reach.”


6.  Joining the campaign is easy to do. All you have to do is post your pictures on social media using any of the following hashtags: #BYOBCampaign #BeautifulOnMyTerms of #AdvanceMagazine

Make sure you head over to for exclusive updates and to get a copy of their latest issue.

Image Credit:  Advance Magazine

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