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Class Is In Session With Plus Size Fashion Line Lavender’s Jungle


Class Is In Session With Plus Size Fashion Line Lavender’s Jungle

Their new ‘Urban Prep’ plus size collection doesn’t disappoint.


Being a star pupil in the classroom never goes out of style, nor does being an individual. Because of this, the combination of brains and fashion is worth taking notice.

Show off your Urban Prep side with help from plus size fashion line Lavender’s Jungle.

For Spring 2016, Lead Designer LaKrisha Joseph-Baker was inspired by the “tatted” buildings that she saw as she traveled throughout the country. “No matter if I was in New York, Chicago, Atlanta or even my hometown of Kansas, I kept seeing graffiti everywhere I went,” shared Joseph-Baker. “It was like these other artists had these colorful stories they just had to get out and if a park bench was their canvas then so be it. When I started to build this collection, those images kept coming to me.”

The collection features jackets, dresses, ankle pants and vest in studious plaids, neutrals, and vibrant colors.
When asked what Urban Prep means LaKrisha Joseph-Baker shared the following:

“Urban Prep is such a contrast, but it’s exactly what I wanted this collection to feel like. I wanted hip, colorful clothing that had an essence of city life but with great cuts and tailoring and that were fun to wear, which has always been true to our brand thus Urban Prep was born.”

This collection is available online at Lavender’s Jungle (

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