When You Figure Out Why TV Network’s Are Banning Lane Bryant’s “This Body” Ad, Let Us Know

Several media outlets including TMZ are reporting that major networks are rejecting the new “This Body” Lane Bryant ad featuringPrecious Lee, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham, and Georgia Pratt. The networks have not confirmed what they’re rejecting, but Lane Bryant shared the ad on their Facebook page with the caption “The networks didn’t want you to see this.”

The advertisement features beautiful plus size models embracing their bodies and showing off every roll of fat they have. It even shows one breastfeeding.  So what exactly is indecent about this commercial?  Your guess is as good as mine.  When you compare the ad to other companies such as Victoria Secret or the Dove campaigns, it’s on the same level.

Having a commercial banned is nothing new for the plus size retailer.  In 2010, Lane Bryant was met with issues when they tried to get major networks to approve a lingerie ad.  This time, NBC is asking for what they deem minor edits, but Lane Bryant is rightfully saying no.

It’s amazing how much gets censored when it comes to plus size bodies, but everything else gets a pass including ads that are highly sexualized. It’s great to see the plus fashion industry push boundaries unapologetically and unwavering in their stance.

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