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7 Beauty Problems That Actually Tell The Truth About Your Health


7 Beauty Problems That Actually Tell The Truth About Your Health

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7 Beauty Problems That Actually Tell The Truth About Your Health

Our beauty and health are more connected than you can think. Actually, some of your visible beauty problems are directly affected by some health issues we might not even know we have. So do not rush to mask your black circles under eyes or acne – maybe you should try to find what actually caused it and heal that instead of masking it.

Acne on the chin

If you are always dealing with acne on your chin – maybe it is time to visit your gynecologists? To be fair, hormonal misbalance or other feminine problems can be a number one cause of such unpleasant acne, so you should not abandon this issue so easy. While visiting a doctor, ask him to perform a blood test and various other gynecological examinations like ultrasound and find the cause. Of course, acne can also be a result of wrong food, so check what you are eating as well.

Rashes and acne are on the forehead

Acne on another part of your face – the forehead can also mean two things. First of all, you might be cleaning and washing your skin wrong, or you might have some problems with internal organs. And in particularly with the intestines or stomach. On the other hand, various minor rashes might be a side effect of gastritis or dysbacteriosis, so if you see what you are constantly having acne or rashes like that – it is time to visit some doctors too. Or, you should check out your hygiene and maybe change some products. In fact, there are tons of guides how to choose right skin care products and even more tricks how to afford it easier (like these Target’s discount codes, per se!). Therefore, maybe at first change the way you treat your skin and if the problem does not disappear – make an appointment with a doctor.

7 Beauty Problems That Actually Tell The Truth About Your Health3

Hair loss

There might be a lot of reasons why you might be having this beauty problem (in this case is not about seasonal hair loss). It can be malnutrition, strict diet, extreme stress (the hair starts to react after a few months, and you might even forget what you were worrying about), hormonal background illness and so on. So, do not run to buy a new shampoo or other magical tools – better hurry up to meet with your doctor and run a few standard testing.

“Corrugated” nails

Pretty and healthy nails are usually smooth and pink. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention if there is some corrugation and your nails become uneven. It might be a sign of anemia and iron deficiency in the body, and that might also cause other problems too! For instance, if you also have a strong migraine or your head sometimes feels dizzy, you might really have anemia, and you should start treatment right away.

The spots on the nails

Can you clearly see a lot of white streaks on nails? It makes sense to think that maybe your body lacks some vitamins. In fact, doctors even have a special term for this – leukonychia, and it is not that hard to heal it. All you need to do is to eat more products rich in vitamins A and E, iron and zinc.

7 Beauty Problems That Actually Tell The Truth About Your Health2

Bluish nails

This can happen, not only because of the cold. Kind of blue nails can be a sign of cyanosis – a body condition then your body is starved for oxygen. Therefore, it is advisable not to wait for anything and hurry up to perform a blood test to assess the state of health.

Pale skin

Some people can be proud of their porcelain skin since birth, but if your natural redness disappeared like a smoke and people are constantly telling you that you are really pale, it is time to see a doctor and try to monitor your the diet, sleep, and stress. All of that might have some influence on your skin color too, and that will be super hard to mask if not treated right away.

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