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Hot Lingerie Trends to Try This Valentine’s Day

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Hot Lingerie Trends to Try This Valentine’s Day

Hot Lingerie Trends to Try This Valentine’s Day

From leather to lace and prints to plain, this year’s “hautest” Valentine’s lingerie is all about vintage and power. Below we’ll help you find the perfect piece with a helpful infographic and then go into some of the trends you’ll see in the stores. We also provide you with some sample photos and ideas to show off your best “assets” with this year’s hottest Valentine’s Day lingerie.

It’s All about That Shape. Picking the right lingerie to boost your confidence, highlight your favorite areas and create the shape you want doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a ton of options to smooth, shape, enhance, and make you feel incredible. The guide below will help you pick the perfect piece to create the shape you’d like. After you check it out, we’ll go into the top Valentine’s lingerie trends for this year.


All Bras Are NOT Created Equal. Finding the right bra for your Valentine’s Day outfit is key to accentuating your best shape, and on-trend bras will make all the difference. Going low-cut? Consider plunge bras that will give you support while still letting you show off that cleavage. Or go for a push-up bra to help give you extra lift. Floral and vintage styles are going to be huge.

There has been a huge renaissance for vintage looks so expect this to be the in trend for Valentine’s 2016 and 2017.

Strapless bras not only are the perfect choice for strapless dresses, they’re also great for dresses and tops featuring slim spaghetti straps or a cut that would cause bra straps to show. A multi-way convertible bra is a great choice if you don’t wear strapless bras often, since it can be worn so many ways, including strapless. The neutral tones of this specific bra help it to provide support while staying on trend.

On-Trend Colors. Step outside the everyday neutrals for Valentine’s Day and make a sexy statement in colorful lingerie. The trends for 2016 are bold colors that compliment your outfit as an accent piece instead of standing out to be a feature.

Red is certainly a hot go-to, but if you’re not doing a red outfit…find choose a bra and panty set that match and blend or enhance. You cannot go wrong with lace that adds a feminine touch this Valentine’s. These sexy bra and panty sets are a great way to use color without being overwhelming.

Living in Leather!

Power and prowess are also trends we’re seeing emerge. If you want confidence and control, you cannot go wrong with this “haute” style this year. If you’re ready to step it up and “dominate” the night, you can turn it up with leather corsets and long flowing skirts. These haute leather looks are perfect for a fabulous evening with style, grace and passion for Valentine’s this year.

Traditional Valentine’s lingerie in red and pink will never go out of style. However, different shapes and materials change each year. 2016 and even 2017 will be about vintage patterns with florals or lace. You also have the opposite side with strong powerful statements like leather corsets and Victorian skirts.

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