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Plus Size Fitness Expert Kymberly Nichole Shares Why She Created The #FitCurvesChallenge2016


Plus Size Fitness Expert Kymberly Nichole Shares Why She Created The #FitCurvesChallenge2016

11402706_1598826277050057_3433760916744999664_nIn the spirit of starting the year off right, Kymberly Nichole of Well Fit Curves has launched an amazing challenge to help you with your fitness goals.  #FitCurvesChallenge2016 is a companion group to Well Fit Curves. It’s a safe space for plus size women to talk about health, wellness and fitness.

Since Kymberly created this challenge, it’s only right that she tells you more about it.  What’s the mission behind Well Fit Curves and how do you describe it?

Kymberly Nichole:  The mission behind Well Fit Curves is to give women a voice when it comes to their own bodies and to squash the notions that all plus size and/or curvy women are unhealthy. Health is not determined by a number on the scale. You can be Well, Fit and have Curves!

DVD:  Your motto is “Where Healthy Curves Are Celebrated.” How is that message important to you?

KN:  I hear all the time that “You promote obesity & unhealthy lifestyles, by celebrating +size/curvy women.” I think that’s ridiculous. Well Fit Curves celebrates “healthy curves.” We celebrate women who live healthy lifestyles, who don’t let their size or what others think about their size deter them from living a happy, healthy & well life. Not hiding “until they lose 50lbs” instead celebrating and loving the skin they’re in right now! Loving your body enough to treat it well. It’s important to me that women are celebrated no matter how they look. I spent many years hiding and I can’t get that time back. But what I’ve learned is, life is too short and I’m going to live every moment of it for as long as I can. I’m never hiding again!

DVD:  Tell me about the #FitCurvesChallenge2016. What made you decide to launch the challenge?

KN:  This challenge has been on my heart for some time now and just a few weeks before the New Year I decided that 2016 was the time to launch. The #FitCurvesChallenge 2016 is a year long challenge to keep women motivated & engaged in their health, wellness & fitness. During this time of year we see tons of new year programs, getting people hyped up to change who they are in the new year. Those programs are ok, but where they fall short is when February and March roll around people have settled back into “life” and lost interest. This challenge incorporates nutrition, fitness and self-care and breaks it up into monthly challenges that women can focus on and not feel overwhelmed. It’s said that it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so after a month, they are well on their way to maintaining that month’s challenge.


I share the challenges on all of my social media outlets, but I also have a #FitCurvesChallenge2016 Facebook group for women only (specifically plus size/curvy women) but all are welcome. This group is a safe online space where the members can talk all things health/wellness & fitness, share their wins & struggles, receive support from other women who are on the same journey and get some coaching from me, a Certified Health/Wellness Coach & Curvy Zumba Instructor! I also run 5k’s and participate in yoga and CrossFit, so I share some of my insight and expertise and facilitate discussions. And I look like the members, I’m not your average health/fitness guru and that’s ok because I know 1st hand the struggles my members deal with. This is a space where women can freely communicate without ridicule or feeling out of place. So if they’re working out regularly and can’t find workout clothes that fit their needs, because we know the chub rub is real lol, we’re going to share where they can find activewear that works for them. If they’re having trouble getting into a yoga position, we’re going to share alternative poses. Not sure what to eat during snack time and you’re sick of apples and yogurt, we have you covered with nutritious snack ideas. I always hear “I don’t go to the gym because I don’t feel comfortable, no one looks like me” or “some of these groups don’t fit my needs”. Well, we’re changing that with the #FitCurvesChallenge 2016! We are allowing women to celebrate themselves and change their bodies if they choose. My mantra, or hashtag now that we are in the age of Twitter is #MyBodyMyBiz…..No one can tell me what to do with my body or how my body should look except ME!

DVD:   How is the challenge different from the amazing work you do with Well Fit Curves?

KN:  The #FitCurvesChallenge is very focused on meeting women where they are (online) and helping them get on track in 3 specific areas, nutrition, fitness & self-care. It also promotes communication and making connections with other women, it’s a movement! Well Fit Curves is a Holistic Health/Wellness Coaching Practice and blog. I do 1 on 1 coaching with clients as well as group coaching. I provide Self-Development programs and I share a blog that covers all things health/wellness & fitness. So you will see reviews of products, healthy recipes, interviews with other health/fitness pros, health & fitness resources, product deals, etc all on the Well Fit Curves site.

DVD:   What do you want the #FitcurvesChallenge2016 to walk away with?

KN:  I want everyone who participates in this challenge to walk away feeling strong and feeling like they are worth the effort. They are worthy of living a kick ass, happy, healthy & well life, whatever that looks like for them. If a woman wants to lose 100lbs, that’s great and she deserves to do that for herself. If a woman doesn’t want to lose any weight but has a goal to manage her stress, she also deserves to do that for herself. I want them to feel like they can do anything!

You can follow Kymberly at and join the #FitCurvesChallenge2016 on Facebook.

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