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Get To Know Bandelettes®, A Premier Sponsor Of’s 2nd Annual Holiday Party!


Get To Know Bandelettes®, A Premier Sponsor Of’s 2nd Annual Holiday Party!

I have wonderful news!  The’s 2nd Annual Holiday Party is coming together nicely.

6e69bb8a-edec-47ae-a998-dacf012f6ffcWith just days away from our 2015 event, I want to take a moment and introduce you to one of our many angels, our Entertainment Sponsor, Bandelettes®!!

Because thigh chaffing is something that so many women experience, Bandelettes® is on a mission to provide women with a solution. Whether you’re into being glamorous, sexy, or are serious runners and athletes, Bandelettes® can be used by women all over and from all different walks of life.

The company began out of necessity.  One of the founders of Bandelettes® suffered from a persistent thigh chafing issue for many years. After having tried many different options only to have the friction cause irritation yet again, she knew that there had to be a practical solution, and it had to be something different.

After research and finding out that she wasn’t alone, Bandelettes® were born. These thigh bands are luxurious wardrobe additions that not only adequately addresses the problem but also helps to enhance style, thus integrating fashion and functionality in one ingenious product.


Bandelettes® understands the importance of connecting with plus size women, so they’ve signed on as our Entertainment Sponsor.  To give attendees an opportunity to experience what they have to offer, the first 40 people to arrive will receive a gift card to use on

Show your appreciation for Bandelettes by visiting their website and following them on Facebook.  When you’re done, make sure you get your Tickets for our 2nd Annual holiday party!!

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