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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

Nikki Gomez, Fashion Photographer & Consultant for Models

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the fashion industry for about 11 years now. I am proud to say I began as a plus size print model and went on to work in wholesale fashion, fashion production for a major label, fit modeling, and more. I was most recently the head booker of Bicoastal Management here in NYC and had the pleasure of creating a plus size print division for the agency. 2015 was my return to my passion of photography, and I have been focused on it 100%.

Tell me about your stance on fat shaming and what we can do to put stop to it all together?

I think “fat shaming” and bullying, in general, is created from ignorance and fear. I strongly feel that awareness and visibility and what is needed to bring about change. The plus size industry and body positive movement have come a long way since I was a kid. With the growth of social media, we now have strong role models like Honor Curves, Tess Holiday, Gabi Gregg, Nicolette Mason and so many more! Seeing these remarkable young women not only showcase their figures on such a public platform but embrace their own style as confident plus size women are empowering! I love what they have brought to the table.

I strive to bring awareness to the masses through my art. All of the women I photograph are empowered and strong. I make sure they convey confidence and self-acceptance. It’s an essential part of the images I create. I hope to see more images of strong, beautiful full figured women in the mainstream media.

What do you think is society’s biggest misconception of plus size women?

I think society’s biggest misconception of plus size women is that we are all lazy and unhealthy. I hate this! I have always been plus size. In high school, I was on the varsity volleyball team and walked everywhere. I was in great shape and guess what.. I was not thin. You can NOT tell if a person is healthy or lazy by looking at them. That craziness has to change! Some of the healthiest and most active people I know are plus sizes, so it’s time for people to start opening their minds and stop judging and mistreating people based on dress size.

How has being a plus size woman influenced your personal style?

How has it not? LOL. I have been plus size my whole life, so I don’t know anything else, but I can say it never stopped me from loving me, my curves and presenting myself to the world in the best possible way. I am a true “girlie girl” so 95% of my wardrobe consists of dresses… All kinds of dresses.

How do you #ThriveInYourCurves?

I #ThriveinMyCurves by embracing them. Loving who I am first and foremost. Never letting anyone define me and giving back when I can.

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