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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

Sarah Sapora, Creative Marketer


Photo by Nichole Alex

How long have you worked in plus size fashion?

I have worked in women’s plus size fashion for about six years. My focus and passion is in creative and art direction as well as content and social marketing. I also have my own blog of personal essays and plus fashion, and I am a featured blogger for Huffington Post Women.

Tell me about your stance on fat shaming and what we can do to put stop to it all together.

ANY shaming is just wrong. Fat shaming, skinny shaming, slut shaming… all of it is wrong. Truly. As a people, we need to worry less about others and focus more on ourselves. The more peace we have within ourselves, the less excuses those who are unhappy will have to take that (unjustified) unhappiness out on others.

What do you think is society’s biggest misconception of plus size women?

Society throws dozens of misconceptions towards plus size women – pinpointing one would be hard. The one thing I would say is that people believe being plus size is synonymous to not caring about oneself. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

How has being a plus size woman influenced your personal style?

Being a plus size woman has forced me to really, truly, be in touch with my body. I know what works for my shape and what I like to wear. It has also, unfortunately, forced me to get creative. On the whole, my style is clean, minimalist and a bit bohemian. I rely on classic pieces in cuts and colors I feel confident with and then use accessories to add flavor to my looks.

How do you #ThriveInYourCurves?

“Thriving in my curves” means two things to me. First, it means I focus on MYSELF and don’t compare myself to other people. Comparison is the thief of joy (or so they say), and I believe if more women spent time thinking about bettering themselves instead of knocking each other down, we would all be in a better place. Also… I throw away fear. If I want to wear something, I wear it. If I don’t, then I don’t wear it. I work to impress myself. If that vibes with other people than awesome! If it doesn’t that is ok too. Thriving is all about being comfortable with you; the things you love, the things you might want to work on and more. It is being comfortable with all those things and finding peace with yourself each and every day.

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