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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

Yolanda Williams, Founder and CEO for Just Curves Activewear


Source: Facebook

What led to you starting Just Curves?

I started Just Curves after I was laid off of my job as Social Media Manager at SENSA Weight Loss because as a plus size woman, I have personally been unable to find cute plus size active wear. This was always a dream of mine, so when the opportunity presented itself for me to start this business, I went for it.

Tell me about your stance on fat shaming and what we can do to put stop to it all together.

I’ve learned that fat-shaming has nothing to do with the person being shamed but is a direct reflection of how the person doing the shaming feels about themselves. If you’re a secure and confident person, you won’t have any reason to put anyone down. It’s only cowards that feel the need to do so. There’s also a problem with fat-shaming within the plus size community. Again, that’s self-hatred. It’s someone projecting how they feel about themselves onto other people. There’s nothing we can do about fat-shaming as we can’t control someone else’s actions. All we have control over is how we allow the words and actions of someone else to affect us. We can take back control by showing how happy, confident, and secure we are in our skin. We can choose not to allow someone’s ugliness to define us.

What do you think is society’s biggest misconception of plus size women?

When most people think of a plus size woman, they envision someone who just sits around all day, eating unhealthy food, never exercising, and always depressed. They believe the marketing ads out there that tell us that plus size women are sad shells of themselves who just wish they could be skinny.

How has being a plus size woman influenced your personal style?

I love the color. People think plus size women only want to wear black and gray, but that’s not the case. Color-blocking bright colors like Coral Blue and Bright Coral or wearing a super bright green bag are just a few ways I express my individuality. I purposely wear bright colors because people don’t expect that from me. I love doing what’s unexpected.

How do you #ThriveInYourCurves

When I was 19 years old, I was in an abusive relationship where I was made to feel inferior because of my weight. Now, my goal is to help women feel confident and secure in their bodies, as it is today. I thrive in my curves by being unapologetically me at all times. I thrive in my curves by living healthy and getting stronger daily as a plus size women and I empower other women to do the same.

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