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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

Christina Mendez, Plus Size Model


Photo by Nikki Gomez

Tell me about your stance on fat shaming and what we can do to put stop to it all together.

I don’t agree with bullying or discrimination of any kind. However, fat shaming hits close to home because I have always been a thick girl and I been a victim in the past.

I feel that media outlets such as Daily Venus, Plus Model Mag, and so many others give young ladies a safe haven to love every inch of them self no matter what the outside world tells them. It’s more important for us to strengthen our confidence from the inside out than to stop folks from fat shaming. I strongly believe that seeing positive role models and showcasing confident women of all shapes and sizes in the media helps develop the courage that is needed to stand up to our bullies and to filter the negativity.

What do you think is society’s biggest misconception of plus size women?

The biggest misconception that people have about plus size women is that we are all insecure. Women of all sizes battle with insecurities, however, I must say that some of the most confident women I know happen to be plus size.

How has being a plus size woman influenced your personal style?

Being plus size has made my style very personal and creative. Trendy pieces in my size were not an option when I was growing up, so I learned to take basic pieces and glam them up with accessories and layering.

How do you #ThriveInYourCurves?

I thrive daily to be the best ME I can be and to create a legacy for my kids to one day surpass. I am doing what I love, sharing what I know and being a positive example of what a confident curvy woman can accomplish….what more can I ask for? #ThriveInYourCurves #CurvesAreIn #PlusAndProud

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