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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

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Navigating The Fashion Industry: Five Plus Size Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

Chrystal Bougon, Owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose, CA


How did you get into the plus size lingerie business?

I opened my plus size lingerie boutique three years ago, and we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. I knew I couldn’t be the only sexy fatty who wanted to FLAUNT MY CURVES so I decided to open my boutique and hope I could find my tribe.

Tell me about your stance on fat shaming and what we can do to put stop to it all together.

At Curvy Girl, we have received SO MUCH hate and shaming since we opened. Sadly, it goes with the territory. I do not take any of it personally, and I always like to joke that haters are my motivators. They are just proof there is still a lot more work to do in this area of body acceptance. I took the stance of ignoring the haters for awhile but helped NOTHING. So, now I call the haters out on their mean comments. And, I am fond of the BAN and DELETE button. Or “block i.p. Address” button.

What do you think is society’s biggest misconception of plus size women?

Plus size women are the majority of women in the U.S. We are relevant, smart, sassy, sexy and gasp…. we have SEX! And we have a lot of it. For whatever reason, people often assume fat women are not sexual beings. I am here to tell you that is FALSE. We are just like every other woman out there. And, I spend a lot of time coaching my customers to get EVERY single ounce of pleasure out of your big, curvy body. We all deserve all of the pleasure our bodies are capable of. And, we are not putting our lives on hold to wait, and I fully realized sexual beings. We are getting what is ours NOW.

How has being a plus size woman influenced your personal style?

Well, yes, for sure. I have a big butt and big hips. So, I have to always be thinking of my body type when I am shopping for clothes. And, no matter how much black I wear, people can still tell how much space I take up, so I would rather wear bright colors and items that hug my curves (gut and all) then try to hide in some boxy dress or top. There’s no hiding I am a size 24. May as well dress like I am proud of my body – which I am. I love my curvy body. It gives me so much pleasure and confidence that I can take on the world.

How do you #ThriveInYourCurves.

I flaunt what I got! I embrace my curves, stomach and the double chin and all. I mean. What option do I have? This is exactly how I exist today. I have had this body for almost 47 years. I really can’t hide it, and I would rather celebrate my curves.

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